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Legal: Terms of Usage

Visiting or viewing website or contents means contract acceptance
By visiting or viewing this website, by viewing any contents taken or adopted from this website, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set herein in this document.

Description of this website, CSE, BUET, and CSE93
This website provides general information about a class of students attending the Department of Computer Science and Engineering ("CSE") of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology ("BUET"). This class is generally known as batch 1993, according to the year of graduation from the High School, and they will be hereafter indicated as "CSE93".

CSE93 is not linked with CSE or BUET
CSE93 is in no way officially, directly, indirectly, or impliedly linked or affiliated with CSE or BUET, except for that these group of students attended that department and that university.

All terms and conditions are exclusively defined by this document
This document contains all the terms and conditions for the usage of this website and information provided in the website. Any other prior or later oral or written documents would not modify, amend, add, or revoke any term or condition as provided here, except for the written and signed agreement between a legal party and all the members of CSE93.

No responsibility for the information provided
Any information provided here is exclusively an opinion or comment of the information provider. We do no guarantee any kind of accuracy, completeness, sufficency, or timeliness of any information as provided in this website. If any such information is relied on, distributed, or used in any way, the party relying on, distributing, or using the information agrees to take the complete responsibility of any such actions and of the consequences of any such actions. That party also agrees to bear all the risks, costs, and damages arising from such actions.

Contents protected by copyright
All contents of the CSE 1993 web site are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written permission. The creators of the texts, images, or other elements protected by copyright law are exclusively owned by the creators themselves. However, you may download and save individual pages or use information contained herein for your own personal or non-commercial use.

Members of CSE93
Members or students or alumni of CSE93 are synonamous words that represent members of this group or class. These are the people who studied at CSE of BUET and were admitted to CSE of BUET bearing a student number beginning with 9305.

No responsibilty for communication with any members
The communication you make via e-mail or other means to any member is at your own responsibility. Such communication is only governed by public laws and any agreements you have with that certain person or groups of persons.

No responsibility for webpages not created and maintained by CSE93
CSE93 provides links to other internet resources from this website. We do not assume any liability or responsibility for content or operation or opinions of any webpages outside this website, and any webpages not created and maintained by CSE93. Liabilities for webpages created and maintained by CSE93 is described in section "No responsibility for the information provided," above.

Privacy assured only by CSE93 for pages created and maintained by CSE93
CSE93 does not gather personal or private information of any visitor of this website. Visitor identity, IP adress information, and any such information are not collected and used for any purpose whatsoever. E-mails to addresses solicited in this website are transmitted in non-secure manner and CSE93 does not bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any confidential information. Activities of the web hosting party of this website and any pages visited during the visit to this website that is not created and maintained by CSE93 are excluded from our privacy policy.