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 The Purpose of this site is to let kids know about books that kids have read and enjoyed.

We hope kids enjoy this website and find new books to read!

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Jason's Gold

Will Hobbs



Gordan Korman


Freak the Mighty

Rodman Philbrick


Waiting for the Rain

Sheila Gordon



Louis Sachar


All About Will Hobbs

All About Gordan Korman

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 We have book reviews for Shipwreck and Jason's Gold.


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Jason's Gold Book Review


The novel entitled Jason's Gold was written by Will Hobbs. It took place in Alaska. Jason was a main character of the novel who is very independent. A problem occurred when his brothers took some of his inherited money to go North with the Klondike Rush, leaving him behind. The problem was solved when he met up with them at Dawson City . Another problem occurred when he got stuck when the lake froze up. It was solved when he survived through Winter and could go up. The novel ended when he met up with his brothers, who had started their own company. After reading the novel, I learned all about what the Klondike rush was all about.

I really liked this book because there was always something exciting happening. There was action from the first chapter all the way up to the end, it always had you guessing, wondering what would happen to him. It kept you turning the pages. Another reason I liked this book was because I like survival books.






The novel entitled Shipwreck was written by Gordan Korman. It took place in the Pacific Ocean. Luke is one of the main characters of the novel who is very strong and doesn't give up. Luke always works very hard. A problem occurred when the captain of the boat got knocked off by a huge wave. The problem was never solved because nobody ever found the captain. Another problem occurred when a fire started on the boat and the kids on the boat were stuck in the ocean. It was solved when the kids found an island and were so excited. However, they were still stranded there. The novel ended when the kids were still stranded on the island and waiting to see if they will be rescued. After reading the novel, I learned all about survival and a boat. I enjoyed this book because I like survival books. I was also anxious to see what happened to the kids in the end.

About The Authors

Brian and Kyle are 7th graders at Timothy Edwards Middle School, which is in South Windsor, Connecticut. Although neither of them like to read, if they must, they'll read either adventure or survival books. As the authors of this site they hope it will maybe help some people choose a book they will like. Hopefully you will come back soon!




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