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Meditation for Ascensiontide
Tune "Herz­lieb­ster Je­su," 1640

Lyrics Copyright ( C ) David Horsman 2004

O Holy Jesu, whither art thou taken?
Gone from our sight, ascended into heaven.
Yet, we remember, how when lost in darkness,
Thou didst o'ertake us;

Didst show the way, nay didst thyself become it ,
whereby we travel back to God our Father,.
Who long were exiled from the Father's favor,
by disobedience.

'Twas in our nature, this meandering madness.
Only the God-man could become our pathway.
Dying he saved us, pierced feet the icon
of our salvation.

O blessed Saviour, after death on calvary,
there was no grave that ever could entomb thee.
So, on the third day, thou didst burst thy prison,
rose as immortal.

Thou wast no spirit, when to thy disciples,
on that blessed morning, thou didst show thy body:
side where spear pierced it whence came forth the
water, blood flowing freely.

Let us like Thomas contemplate those woundings;
thrust hand into thy side whence flowed the water,
mixed with the blood that purchased our salvation;
give thee our troth, Lord

Then came the day wherein thou Lord didst leave us,
back to the heavens, taking our flesh with thee,
showing those wounds, at very throne of mercy;
pleading there for us

Thou Lord didst leave us with that precious promise,
to send thy Spirit ever to be with us,
Comforter always, leading into all truth
till endless ages.

Then give we glory to the Blessed Father;
To thee O Son and to the Holy Spirit
One in three persons, from the endless ages
world without ending.