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In sin conceived, for all have sinned, condemned we stood, rebellion’s toll.

Yet God hath loved our poor lost souls, and sent his Son to make us whole

To seek a bride , the Holy Son of God came down to live as kin;

Didst shed his blood, to pledge his troth, that we be freed by grace from sin

He paid the price for rebel deed, for us, for us, for us he died;

He paid the awful debt incurred ,with shameful death, when crucified

His riven side on cross poured forth water and blood; ‘twas prophesied,

when Eve, by God’s command, came forth from Adam’s side, to be his bride.

The Church, Christ’s holy bride, was born from Jesu’s piercéd side, on rood:

In water and in blood that flowed, came cleansing bath and holy food.

O blood and water from that side, ‘twill be to us a healing flood

By faith, we thrust into thy side our hands, and know thee, Lord and God.

By faith, we take thy pledgéd troth and give our hearts to thy blessed love,

Jesus the only Truth that’s giv’n to fit our souls for heaven above

To God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, one,

in three, all glory ever be ‘til age of ages endless run.