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BMV: The Gathering Cards.

Welcome all BMVers! Heres the cards I promised, this site is just to hold the cards so don't expect any flashing,animated,3-D,FMV,so real it'll reach out of your screen and slap you web designs..........not that I could do that anyway! You'll notice that many of these cards are "overpowered" if you compare them to other Magic: The Gathering cards which I find very appropriate.:) Now on the the cards! -Goyangeta

P.S. If I get done with all the characters I'll make some Character specific spell cards.

(2/13/04) It's been a while! Here's Setsetuya's which she asked me to do. The first attack is a "low" powered generic spell I thought up. The second is one of her powerful spells. The coin flip condition is because of Setsetuya's tendancy to get tired after casting her high-powered spells (at least thats what she told me). I envision the last attack as a sort of high-level black hole spell where everything gets sucked in and those that don't get destroyed are seriously screwed up. On another note, Set's card breaks the record for size (previously held by Haayko at his 52K), its over 100K! Probably because of the detailed pic (which is Celes by the way).

Here's Goyangeta's card. His mana requirements represent his holy and fire powers. His attack and toughness signify his hard hitting style but his slight lack of defense (you'll remember that he got hurt a lot.) Both his abilities represent his Grand Cross attack. The first reprsents its extreme power and the second represents its Holy effect that healed his freinds. His tapped ability represents his dimensional powers.

Here's Jai's. The mana cost should be obvious since Jai is very Fire orientated. His attack rating is low since as his "boy" form he is not as strong as his "beast" form. His first ability represents his transformation and the subsequent weakness it causes. His second ability represents that dark flare attack he preformed against Xenoc/Damion and its effect on Damion. By the way, I like the quote I made up.......don't look at me like that! Its funny! STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!!! (by the way the first ability should have a -3 instead of -0 for the end of the ability. I figured out that you could just keep powering him up and his toughness would never go down and its a pain to re-edit it :)

Quez's mana cost represents his lightning relation (white is the closest that Magic has to lightning). His first ability represents his ability to summon True Lightning or Armor at will. His second ability represents his hate towards Xenophan a RED Mage (get it?). His third ability just represents his immense power. The quote I found while looking thorugh Lach's archive for attacks to use in the card. EDIT (2/12/04) I just noticed that Quez's picture is a thunder Goddess! If I get time I'll fix that...

Lach is next, her attack ability isn't that high she is a mage after all but her toughness is very high. All her abilities are powerful and require the sacrifice of land. Most represent her Time Magic but the black ability represents her Magitek Armor. And I hope she doesn't kill me because of the quote.

Here's Xenoc, his mana cost is obvious, he is evil after all! His first attack represents his ability to split in two, his second represents the Zodiacs (which I may make into cards later) edit: It should say is opponent has any BMV cards IN PLAY. The third is his "Xenocide" attack.

Star Neptune is next, the Master Mage has a low attack but high endurance like Lach. Her abilities do not represent any certain attack but represent the myriad abilities of a Master Mage. Her summon cost is reflective of her mastery of all elements. The quote I made up :)

Here's Pheonix, his first attack is a representation of his ability to heal or kill with his powers. His second ability is his "Rebirth Flame" attack. Again I made up the quote.

Haayko's here, he has high health since he seems to get beat up a lot but keeps on kicking (at least recently :) )The first tech is something I thought that Haayko would do, point his gun at a creature and dare it to move. The second one is representative of Haayko shooting his gun rapidly. The third tech I invisoned as an exploding round that blows stuff up, very subtle I know :) (anyone notice the insane amounts of :) I'm using?). The third one I invisoned as Haayko shooting the player's leg and the player having to put something between him and the bullet. Oh and I just realized I spelled Haayko wrong in the quote, oh well.

Here's Cyril. First attack is him igniting his hand, second attack is is more evil side (remembers when he helped Xenoc) and his third is a big attack that can be hurt by his evil side. Oh and don't make fun of my inability to spell Firey :)

Leo next, the part about rolling the dice represents his two sides, Dark Leo and Leo. The first black ability is Leo's ability to turn lightning into Dark Lightning. The second is Omni Ragnarok Storm. The first White ability is Leo's freindship with all the BMV members and the second is just an inspirational ability (I never really saw Leo fight when he was good). The pic is Magus and the quote I made up :).

I thought I put this up but here's Jarnagon again, his card is simply unfair! His first ablity simply a powerful attack. The second is Jarnagon powering up. The third attack is a jab at Jarnagon's tendancy to make craters wherever he lands. The fourth represents his colored eyes and the last is an overpowered attack that I thought he should have. The quote is another jab at the crater thing.

This page really takes a while to load. I may split the site sometime but thats so much work.....