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Thought I'd better add some disclaimers:
* All of the tales I'm spinning are based upon facts of some sort.
* Most of the tales will be at least 50% factual.

     Surf Report - March 30, 2003

What sez:

Fun waves at OB this morning - March 30, 2003.

The best spot in San Diego.

Lefts and rights breaking on the north side of the pier with more than 10 guys out.

There are clean rights breaking towards the pier and longer lefts that sometimes close out when getting closer to the shore.

Still small but there are some occasional chest high sets coming.

Waves size: Waist high  Sets size: Occasional chest high  

Sets Interval: 5 to 7 min

Surfers Out: 14 guys


Ocean Beach - March 30, 2003 - Photo by =========================================================================

Yeah baby!! OB is ALWAYS the BEST SPOT in San Diego!

I'm gonna post this report every day! You go - O-BAY!! has this forecast for So Cal:

Date: For Friday thru Tuesday / Wed, April 3 or so 2003

Friday swell peaks in SoCal, but starts to back down in NCal...

Smaller weekend surf, but winds improve...

Slight burst in NW Monday...

Tuesday sees first signs of building SW swell...

Wednesday and Thursday see some big SW...

SW being tracked for the 8th...

What I say:

Well - I'm still stuck - no truckee - no surfee

I guess I didn't miss much yesterday, and hopefully, not today either.

Even when the surf ain't so good, I still enjoy going to the beach(es) - starting at Ponto and working myself, and the crowds, down to the La Jolla Reefs - Big Rock is about as far south as I dare go.

Since I've been doin' this surfin' thang around here for almost 50 years, I gotta admit, I sure get away with a lot of BS!

I even surprise myself with some of the stupid things that I say.

This weekend I stayed put in the casa with wife - CJ, and youngest kid, Cody, a Golden Retriever.

Funny thing, I did't miss the beach(es) at all!?



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