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The World of Bending Skies


For years, humans had thought they knew every inch of this world, from inside out. They knew all the cultures and beliefs of it's people, but there is something they know nothing of. Thousands of years ago, humans had the capabilities of using magic, but as time grew on they started to forget. The ancestors to my race were tired of these new non-magic using humans and stopped associating with them all together. They created a small city under the pacific ocean. The walls made of magic to keep us alive. Since then we have lived under here and prospered quite well. But as we are locked in here, unable to see even the sun, we grow tired of this. My plans to start a new world are coming together and the human swine who keep me here will be gone. After all, what is so special about these humans?...They cannot use magic and they continue to corrupt and pollute this world. I am sick of it, it is time for them to die by my magic.


The world as we know it may be coming to an end. From the depths of hell these creatures with in-human powers have come to anihalate the human exsistance. Now we fight for our own survival let alone prosperity. They can make themselves apear to be human, they look so much like us. But they are far from humanity, with death and destruction in their eyes, we are hamanity's last and only line of defense..