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Seta Soujirou


Age 18 Height: 5'4" Weight: 113 lbs.

Soujirou was being transported by his parents to a safer place while a war was going on. Along the way, samurai intercepted them and struck down his parents, leaving him to starve. A man and his wife who were passing by after a couple hours took him in. They owned a rice company. The life of Soujirou changed when he had met Shishio. Soujirou was transferring rice bags to a shed when he happened to see Shishio murdering policemen before his eyes. Soujirou, not wanting to be killed by Shishio, harbored the hitokiri. During the time spent with Shishio, Soujirou got the idea that the world is nothing but survival of the fittest. With a sword, considered a gift from Shishio, Soujirou killed his "family" when they had found out about his actions of hiding a wanted killer. Growing up into his teenage years, Soujirou traveled with Shishio, eventually becoming Shishio's right hand in the process. Soujirou grew up to be the most powerful of the Juppon Gatana. His fighting skills grew more powerful with the philosophy taught to him by Shishio. At one time, Soujirou encountered Kenshin, a person who Shishio told Soujirou to kill, were considered equals, that is, until Kenshin mastered the Ama Kakeru Ryuu no Hirameki. By hitting Soujirou with the succession technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, Kenshin was able to show Soujirou that the world is not all a complete struggle for power. Finally, Soujirou admitted defeat at the hands of the rurouni and decided to do the same as Kenshin, make up for all the wrong he has done in the past. Currently, Soujirou is a wanderer as well, slowly gaining back the emotions he locked away as a child. He is searching for something to believe in, rather than following the way Shishio taught him.