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How to Play

This is all you need to know to get started

First choose a player to be, this can include any charecter from any rpg, game, anime, you name it. The names do not have to stay as long as you just have a pic of your player.

Along with that in the e-mail add what your charecter profile/story is. A description of what your player looks like is not needed because you have a pic of him/her.

Along with that choose, a beginning weapon of your choice, an element for magic use, a beginning magic attack/action, whether you are a human alliance, or if you follow the veantilus way.

Last the name of your Power Break/Magic Break, a power/magic break is the move you perform with your weapon/magic when you have lost 75% of your life force.

You will get 500 points to divide up into the following catagories. Life, Defense, Strength, Magic Strength, Magic Defense, Power Break, Magic Break.

Once this is all e-mailed your file will be uploaded. Your member page will consist of all, items, skills, exp, weapons, etc. Also your beginning gold amount, which you may begin to buy from different shops around the globe.

Now you can begin your journey to save the human race or destroy it. See the FIGHTING page to see what combat is like and what you need to do. Check the LANDS page to see where you want to go and what creatures are there to train against.