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When I was 7 my mother left me and my dad, soon after my father caught ill and died. I was left all alone in a desert area with nothing to live on or support me. I walked endlessly until I found an oasis, in this oasis there were monsters all around. One was a an enourmous monsterosity painted in the color of vomit green With a gleaming white sword in his right hand. He thrusted the sword at me slicing part of my leg slightly. I limped to the farthest place I could find-- Just as he was to finish me off the ground opened and I felt my body fall far into it as If I was beating eaten.I fall into a drippy cave, where I was knocked out from the fall.I awoke and noticed small things around me, they seemed friendly enough-- but I was still caution about my wereabouts. I slowly stood up, noticing my leg was badly wounded from the blow i expierienced earlier. I look to the ground to find a piece of wood. I rip part of my pants off and take the board and attach it to my wounded leg for support. I take in my surroundings and notice a tunnel with a light at the end of it. I placed my hand on the wall as i slowly groped my way down the dark, smelly, wet tunnel. It took me a while to get there even tho it was so close. I finally made it and what i found was astonoshing, A shining silver sword with jewels all around it and a light showing its presense. I slowly made my way to it, in fear that something bad would happen. I finally reached it and put my hand on it. I pulled it out of its resting place, and a huge beautiful yellowsh blue light surounded me. And suddenly i found myself outside the home of Blade. Both of us just boys, but we grew up together till we were of age to leave on our own quest. We said our goodbyes and i left. 16 years later I am now 35 and the great war between the Humans and my kind has occured. I am now on the run from the humans who are trying to hurt me. But they sha'll never win, because i am Part of THE WORLD ALIIANCE.