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You must pass a roll test when attacking(//roll-dice1-sides6). When attacking you roll a die in aol chat rooms, its a one sided die with the following actions.

PHYSICAL-roll a 1: your attack fails and misses; roll a 2-3: glance attack only half damage; roll a 4-6: full damage inflicted

MAGIC-roll a 1-3: Attack misses/charge failed; roll a 4: attack hits full damage but half of it hurts you/charge works; roll a 5-6: attack hits/charge works

KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS A STORY BASED RPG NOT JUST FIGHTING. This is how fighting players and creatures is done out, you may fight in parties or by yourself, this is a turn related rpg. When two players fight its one after another basicly taking turns as you would put it. In parties its one member hits, then bad guy hits whoever in parties he/she wants.The lower life always goes first, unless fighting a creature/boss.

To understand how this is done you must know what each stat you have is, which is explained now.

LIFE: this is what your health is, once damage done to you makes that 0 you are dead, then you must follow the rules for being dead.

STRENGTH: your strength is how much damage you can inflict naturaly, such as your punch and kick. next to that number you will find +'s with some number amount following it. Which is for a weapon you may have, or any other effects or armorments to bring your attack up.

DEFENSE: this is how much you take away from someone's physical attack, which will also have +'s next to it for armor or effects.

MAGIC STRENGTH: this is how much damage your magic attacks will do, + whatever effect or power upgrades your magic spell does.

MAGIC DEFENSE: this is how much you resist to someone else's magic attacks

COMBAT: when fighting it is essentialy turn based, unless it is a team battle against a boss type creature. You must always roll the die after an attack eccept for a power magic break. When doing a normal weapon damage or punch/kick you just use your strength or total strength. To which the oponent has a defense to subtract from your attack. If using a magic spell on someone you may charge the magic spell, everytime you charge it it gets stronger but you lose a turn. Every turn charged it grows by 50% strength, it would be a wise decision to have a calculater handy.

POWER/MAGIC BREAK: when you have suffered 75% damage to your life you may perform a power/magic break. Each just gets added to your strength/magic strength. Not needed to roll die.

ACTION: in mid battle there may be actions to perform, each taking up his/her turn.

EXP: take a look at the exp chart, once exp reaches a certain amount you get a boost in your stats. This depends on what side you choose.

LOCATION: this shows currently where you are in the world.

*********SAMPLE BATTLE**********

Blade fights a Vermat Beast(training battle)

Blade 100 Beast 25(life for both fighters)

Blade strikes at the beast with his sword(first action)(rolls and gets a 5 attack hits

it pierces slicing through its body, Blade kicks the beast off of his blade.(attack hits the body of the beast, beast is to weak to defend his attack)

Blade fights Osiris(boss battle)

Blade 100 Osirus 200(life of both fighters)

Blade slices through the air with his sword at Osiris(first action using normal straength + weapon strength)rolls and gets a 6 attack hits

the blade strikes off of Osiris's armor, Osiris summons a lightning bolt which strikes blade( attack-defense, Osiris uses a magic attack)Rolls a 5 the attack hits

Blade is shocked, his blade lights up like the sun, **BERSERKER SLASH** a ray of light cuts through the air slashing osiris(magic defense used to defend attack more then 75% of life taken away, power break is used to kill opponent)

Osiris splits in half and is dead(opponent dies)

Human Alliance

Veantilus Way