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This page presents a survey of materials on the Web related in some way to traditionalist conservatism. The survey is intended to be comprehensive, and so covers tendencies worldwide from the American Old Republic to the European New Right, from Catholic traditionalism to neo-Sufism, and on out to the anarchist and fascist fringes.

The purpose is not to propagandize or reform, but to raise issues, educate and provide resources for investigation, and so to provide relief from the sameness and superficiality of public discourse today. For that reason the page also includes materials (especially toward the end) that are not specifically traditionalist or conservative but raise issues that the liberal utopian rationalism now dominant finds hard to digest. I believe that raising such issues highlights the impossibility of a rationalized social order and the need for tradition and a transcendent reference point.

A traditionalist page that presents no orthodoxy might be thought paradoxical. However, truth is not purely traditional, although it is through tradition that we attain it. Especially in unsettled times, free discussion is necessary. Let me know if you have comments, visit my weblog, Turnabout, for current events and further commentary, and if you want to discuss the topics do join our discussion board, The Struggle Continues! If you want, you can start with a spoken introduction to the issues (requiring RealPlayer). I hope you find something that interests you!


The Various aspects of the topic--political, cultural, moral and religious--are hard to separate, but I attempt to distinguish categories while remaining comprehensive:

Political and Social Conservatism

High Culture

Traditionalist conservatives usually think of politics as an aspect of culture, and so recognize the mutual relevance of the two. So here are things relating more particularly to literary and philosophical culture:


While some have argued that non-religious conservatism is possible, most traditionalist conservatives think of politics and culture as necessarily connected to religion. Certainly it is hard to think of conservatives, other than a few skeptical and comfortably-situated intellectuals, who decisively reject the existence of some power for good transcending mankind. So here are resources relating to traditional religious orthodoxy of one sort or another, some with a political slant:

Roman Catholic:

Eastern Orthodox:

Traditionalism seems more clearly constitutive of Eastern Orthodoxy than other branches of Christianity.


The church of T.S. Eliot, C.S. Lewis and Dorothy Sayers seems rather a mess, but some struggle on:


Protestantism often has an uneasy relation to traditionalism. Nonetheless, it is not monolithic and one should distinguish cases:



Christianity, Conservatism, and the Polity:

Counterrevolution and Beyond

The following are resources that are out of the mainstream and in some way relevant to the concerns of traditionalist conservatives. I have sorted them into categories, but not without arbitrariness. You should note that since these listings are more in the nature of a bibliography than a statement of position, I do not stand behind what each of these pages says.

Counterrevolutionary and general


Neo-Confederate and Southern

Anti-Immigration and Related


European New Right and related

Integral Traditionalist and Related

Distributist and Related


Libertarianism and related

Many, especially in Europe, believe libertarianism wholly at odds with conservatism and traditionalism. However, at least in America there is considerable overlap because the American state tends strongly toward secular universalism and because the enormous expansion of the state has tended to crowd out all other authorities.

The biological connection

Farther and farther

Take on the World!

Current events and commentary

My weblog Turnabout comments on the events of the day. You may view the master archive or read the most recent entries:

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Last edited 5/9/03