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In A Guy's Mind

This Is The Most Valuable Web Site About Dating And Relationships!!


Who Are You?
My name is Daiva. I am 27 years old. I'm a professional model who moved from Lithuania to the USA about 10 years ago. Click here to take a look at my professional modeling pictures

Why This Site?
I created this site in order to educate women around the country about the art of dating. I'm doing that for the purpose of introducing my new book (release date to be anounced), "In A Guy's Mind"

Why A Research About Men?
Because, I used to be very unhappy in love. I was unable to find my prince charming. Most people didn't understand why, because they saw me as a beautiful, rich, and smart fashion model. To tell you the truth, that puzzled me too. I often wondered why men never fell in love with me.

So one day, I decided to change my love destiny and conduct a research about love, relationships, and men's behavior. For that purpose, whenever I was traveling to another state for a photo shoot or a fashion show, I took 3 extra days to go out in clubs, bars, on the street, restaurants, fitness center, sport fields, golf courses... Anywhere you can find men.

Why Would You Want To Help Women Out? What Are You Gonna Get From Doing That?
I want to help women out, because I am also a woman and I know how hard it is to not be able to find love! I've been there!
What do I get? If the women who visit my site are happy with my advice, they'll be more eager to buy my book. So what do I get? I get to sell more and more books!

How Can Your Data Be Helpful?
Because it comes directly from men all around the country! I interviewed a total of 403 men from the age of 25 years old to 50 years old. Actually, more than 403 men, but the rest of the crowd constituted of perverts, psychos or drunks. So I was only able to use the information gathered from 403 men. It took me a whole year to interview all of them and 6 months to put the common thinking and sayings of those men together.

Was It Hard?

The inteview wasn't that hard. I had a great time overall. Most men didn't mind answering my questions, because they can't resist a pretty girl :-) And alot of them, I guess, just wanted to get in my pants :-(

However, putting together, selecting, and deleting all the shared thoughts and similar data wasn't a cup of tea! At the end of the road, I feel like have absorbed too much testosterone in my system! :-)

What Did You Ask Them?

I asked them what men hate and love about women. What they look for in a relationship. What they think about, and so on. Well you know, all the major questions women would love to ask the opposite sex ;-)

Most of the guys came up with the same answers. They raised the same problems about women. I published a big sample of my discoveris below for your personal dating education. However, this doesn't constitute the total of my research. You'll find more advices in my, yet to be released, book called "In A Guy's Mind".



You need to educate yourself on men and how their minds work. The more you know about men, the better your chances are for success. If you know how men think, and what they want, then you have the power to respond and behave in ways that will attract any man. By creating an image that men want, you will attract the men you desire. You ABSOLUTELY need to be able to learn from your mistakes and move on. You must always keep your goals in mind, and continue towards them with relentless enthusiasm.Now... On to the reading!

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