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Water Cycle Webquest

Fourth Grade

Introduction | Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion

Welcome class! Have you wondered where water comes from? What happens to snow when it melts? What happens to rain water when it hits the ground? What is the water cycle? Where does the water cycle start and where does the water cycle end?

Today you are a going to be meteorologists going on a field trip exploring the water cycle. The purpose of this trip is to learn everything you can about the water cycle. While on this trip, you will be working independently and in assigned groups. Use the websites listed in this webquest to help you gather information and answer questions on your trip. When you return from your trip, you will make a drawing of how the water cycle works and present it to the class.

Pack your bags, get ready, and go to learn about water and the water cycle. To get started click on the TASK above!

Pennsylvania Standards for Science

3.5.4.C Know basic weather elements.
  • Identify cloud types. 3.5.4.D.Recognize the earth’s different water resources.
  • Know that approximately three fourths of the earth is covered by water.
  • Identify examples of water in the form of solid, liquid and gas on or near the surface of the earth.
  • Explain and illustrate evaporation and condensation.