How to Hear Yahweh, {The One True
Living God}

Call to Me, and I Will Answer You, and Will Show You great Things, and Difficult, which You Don’t Know.

 Here Are Some Practical Things that We Can Trust From the Scriptures that Help Us to Recognize When We Are Hearing From Yahweh.



Genesis 32:1

But, as Grandiose as this Picture May Be, the Truth Is, John 10:4 Says that One of My Benefits of Being a Believer is that I Hear His Voice, and that Would Include Any Place, Anytime, Night or Day~!  And So Can You.  Read On to Find Out How.


You Have Said, Seek My Face
[Inquire For and Require My Presence as Your Vital Need]. 

My Heart Says to You, Your Face
(Your Presence), Lord, Will I Seek, Inquire For, and Require
[of Necessity and On the Authority of Your Word]. 

{Psalm 27:8}


Meet Yahweh ~ Part 1, (A Willing Heart)

Sometimes the Holy Ghost Will Tell You to Do or Not to Do Things that Just Don’t Make Much Sense to You.  For Example, Once I Drove to the Post Office and Mailed a Package.  I Also Saw Some Packing Tape Strips 75% Off, So I Got Four of Those and Put Them On the Counter. 

Then as I Paid For the Shipping and the Four Tape Strip Packages, with My Debit Card, the Postal Worker Asked Me if I Would Like to Get Out Any Extra Cash.  I Didn’t Plan On it, But Why Not While I’m Here.  So, I Took Out an Extra $20.00.

Then She Took the Package, and I Grabbed the Four Tape Strips, and Out the Door I Walked.  As I Got Outside, I Had an Urge to Buy a Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper For Lunch; and this Variety of Cola is Hard to Find.  I Heard the Holy Ghost Inside Me Say, “Why Don’t You Get it at the Convenience Store About ¼ Mile Away.

I Knew that this Was One of Three Convenience Stores that Stocks this Flavor, But I Responded, “No I Want a Whole 2-liter Bottle and Not Just a 20-ounce Bottle,” (Like I Know More About What I Need than Yahweh, My Maker Does).   I Was Going to Have Lunch, and Didn’t Want Water Today.


So, I Drove Down the Road to the Store and They Didn’t Have Any Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper.  I then Went to the Grocery Store and They Had Some, and I Paid with My Debit Card.  The Next Stop Was the Lawnmower Place Way On Down the Road, and When I Was to Pay For the Tube For My Father’s Wheelbarrow Wheel, I Heard the Holy Ghost Tell Me to, “Pay For it in Cash,” So I Reached in My Pocket to Get the $20.00 bill that I Had Gotten While at the Post Office.  But, it Was Not There!!!!!  I Knew at Once Where I Had Left the $20.00.

I Felt Like Maybe I’m Not Supposed to Buy this Tube For a Wheelbarrow Wheel For My Father.  But, Not to Be Hindered Because I Didn’t Have the Cash, I Bought it Anyhow Using a Check.  Yahweh Had Said, “Pay For it in Cash,” For Some Reason I Couldn’t Explain, I Don’t Have the Cash that I Was Supposed to Have, So I Opted For a Check.

See How I Just Missed What Yahweh Said and Didn’t Even Notice that I Had.  Whereas, if I Didn’t Have the Cash, then I Shouldn’t Have Bought it, But Instead Inquired of Yahweh with Such Questions as, “Father, I Don’t Have Cash, What Should I Do?


I Drove Home the Long Way, Just So that I Could Go Back to the Post Office, and as I Went Inside the Female Postal Worker that Had Helped Me Was Gone.  I Talked to Another Postal clerk, and Described the Woman.  They Had to Go to the Back to Find Her, as She Was On Her Lunch Break.  She Had to open Her Own Money Drawer, and I Felt Bad For Interrupting Her lunchtime, But She Remembered that I Had Not Gotten My Money and She Handed Me a $20.00 bill.

I Walked Outside, and Thought, “I Wonder Why Yahweh Didn’t Show Me that Earlier, Rather than Cost Me ALL this Wasted Time”.  Immediately, I Heard in My Knower, “If You’d Bought that Dr. Pepper at that Convenience Store, You’d Have Known Right Away While You Were in Close Proximity.”

Oops.  I Had Dropped the Ball Twice.  So, I Thought About it Some More, and I Was Just Wondering Why Didn’t Yahweh Just Tell Me, “You Didn’t Get Your $20.00,” and Even as I Spoke I Knew Why He Didn’t.  When Yahweh Speaks Even E. F. Hutton Stops and Listens, and d—Evil One Would Have Known that There Was an Opportunity to Cause Turmoil.


So, I Drove Home and Just Had this Strong Feeling that I Needed to Call My Dad to Find Out if He Even Needed a Tube For His Wheelbarrow.  Turns Out that He Already Had One, and as Much of a Blessing that I Thought that I Was Going to Be, it Was Another Waste of Time.

So, I Got Back in My Car and Headed Towards the Lawnmower Shop and Returned the Tube and Got My Check Back.  By the Way, When I Got Home There Was Some Caffeine Free Tea Already Made, So I Didn’t Need the 2 Liter Size of Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper Anyhow.  That Was then, Now, I Just Drink Water Most of the Time.

On the Way Back Home, I Thought About How Much Time this Cost Me ALL Because I Just Didn’t Follow the Holy Spirit When He Talked.  Not Only that, But the Holy Ghost, My Partner, Had Been Telling Me that He Wanted Me to Put Together a Web Site About Listening to the Holy Spirit of Yahweh.  {This is that Web Site}.

I’ve Heard Many Folks that Don’t Know How to Hear From Yahweh, or Don’t Know How to Recognize Yahweh’s Voice When He Talks.

It’s Like We Are a Radio or TV, and There Are Radio Waves ALL Around Us, or TV Signals.  However, We’re More Like a Radio Kit that Has Not Been Built And, as We Begin to Wash Ourselves with Yahweh’s Word On a Daily and Constant Basis, and Pray in the Spirit then Something Happens On the Inside of Us, and We Get the Radio or TV Parts Built that Allow Us to Receive the Signals that Are Already Flowing From Yahweh.

So, if You Want to Start Hearing the Voice of Yahweh, or to Yahweh’s Voice More Often, or More Clearly, I Would Strongly Urge You to Get into Yahweh’s Word.  Start Reading Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, then Read ALL the Whole ALL Yahweh’s Word.  But There is Still More.  You Really Need to Be Praying in the Holy Spirit.”(See This Web Site On Praying in the Spirit).


Testing the Voice

So, that Brings Me to This.  I Have a Sure Fire Way of Knowing Whether I Am Hearing From Yahweh or it is Just Myself.  I Know How to Test the Spirits; (1 John 4:1-3), and I Do that Often On a Daily Basis.  I Say, “Spirit that Just Say Such and Such; Did Yahoshua, (Ha Mashiach, {Christ, the Messiah}) Come in the Flesh?”

If it’s Not Yahweh, Sometimes the Voice Will Just Get Quiet, and I Have to Demand in the Name of Yahoshua that this Spirit Reply.  then You’ll Get this Mad, “NO,” Like a Small Pouting Child that Just Got Caught and is Not Going to Be Allowed to Have Their Way.

But, if it’s the Voice of Yahweh, Yahweh is Very Quick to Reply with a Patient Voice, “Yes”.   (See James 3:17).  Now, Generally, Yahweh Will Also Add Something Else that is Personal, Which Will Be Like Yahweh’s Trademark with You.  Like Your Earthly Father or Mother Might Have a Special Pet Name or a Tone of Voice that Bonds You with Them When They Speak Just to You.  Yahweh Might Add a My Child On What He Says.

My Wife and I, to Soften Something that We Were Saying So that it Doesn’t Come Across Harshly, Might Add, “Ya Know What I Mean, JellyBean”.  It Started this Way, But Now We Might Just Call Each Other Up and Say, “Okay, I’ll Meet You at 11 O’Clock JellyBean”.

I Can’t Tell You What this Signature Will Be, But I Did Feel Led of Yahweh to Tell You to Look For Yahweh to Want to Have Personal Father-Child-friend Relationship with You, and Not Just a Computer Voice Telling You What to Do or Not to Do.


However, I Have Another Way Other than to Test the Spirit that Seems to Prick My Ears Up, or to Get My Attention.  I Just Have to Stop and Analyze What I’m Doing.  If I Find Myself Arguing with, “The Inner Voice,” Then I Am Arguing with Yahweh.

This is Such a Simple Test.  I Never Argue with Myself.  Have You Ever Walked into Your Home and Smelled What You Thought Was Apple Pie and Said to Yourself, “Apple Pie, My Favorite~!” Only to Have an Inner Voice Say to You, “Not Apple Pies, Chicken Pies~!”?  No, This Does Not Happen to You.  Apple Pies and Chicken Pies Don’t Even Smell the Same.  If You Smelled Apple Pie, then it’s Probably an Apple Pie, (Unless it’s a Candle or a Potpourri Fragrance).

Okay, a Little More Clearer Example.  Suppose You Walk into Your Computer Room and the Screen Saver is Showing Only a blank Screen.  You Might Observe that the Screen is Black, and Think that the Computer is Off.   Now Normally, When You See Something You Don’t Talk to Yourself.  It Looks Like You Are Right and the Computer is Off.

If You Have Others Using the Computer and You Are Not Be Sure if the Computer is On or Off, or Just in the Screen Saver Mode.  You Go to Turn it On, Assuming that it’s Off, and a Voice Says, “The Computer is Just Sleeping”.

Okay, Here’s What I’m Talking About, and if You’ll Get Good at Monitoring and Following Yahweh, {in What Seems Like Trivial Stuff Like Turning Off a Computer Monitor in the Middle of Windows When You Thought that You Were Turning it On}, then You Can Follow Yahweh On Projects, {and Not Have to Wait While the Computer Reboots & Scans the Hard Drive as it Was Shut Down Badly}.


Okay, One More Example.  Suppose that You Walked in Your Home Again and Thought that You Smelled Spaghetti Being Cooked, and Personally, I Like the Taste of My Wife’s Spaghetti, and So You Think to Yourself, “Alright, Spaghetti~!,” and You Go to Say to Your Wife that is Obviously Working Over this Meal For Her Man, “Honey, You Made Spaghetti.  Wow~!  You Know How I Like that”.

But, Before You Speak it Out Loud, You Get a Check in Your Spirit that Says, “That’s Not Spaghetti”.  And Once More You Smell, and You Are Certain that it Smells Like Spaghetti.  But, that Inner Voice Says Once More, “That’s Not Spaghetti”.  Right Here.  This is Where You’ve Got to Stop and Analyze What’s Going On.

Here Again, You Find Yourself Arguing with Yourself.  You Can Ignore this and Go On.  It Might Hurt Your Wife’s Feelings When You Blurt Out, “I Like Spaghetti,” Only to Find that She is Making Lasagna and then Again, You Might Have a More Forgiving and Loving Wife as My Wife Was.

Okay, I Still Believe that I Have Not Quite Got My Point Across.   So, Let Me Reiterate.  If You Find Yourself Arguing with Yourself, You’re Arguing with Yahweh, Because You Just Don’t Argue with Yourself.

You Can Be undecided.  You Can Come to a Stop Sign and Not Know Which Way to Go, Right or Left or Straight Ahead.  You Can Ask Yahweh to Show You.  But, That’s Not What I’m Talking About.  It’s When You Come to a Stop Sign and You Start to Go, and You Get a nudge in Your Knower that Says, “Stop”.

If You Spy a Glass of Water in Spot Where Children Could Knock it Off, You Wouldn’t Need to Have Yahweh Tell You to Move that Glass.  You Just Don’t Argue with Yourself.  You’d Go and Move that Glass of Water to a Safe Place.


A Check in Your Spirit~!

But Suppose that Glass is of Red Staining Cherry Juice and You Feel that it’s Already in a Safe Place, Between Your Feet as You Sit Down at a picnic in a Metal Folding Chair; But Something On the Inside of You Tells You to Move the Glass.  You Think it Out Logically, and Rationalize that You Know Where the Glass Is; and You Are Very Confident that You Have Good Manual Dexterity and that You Won’t Knock the Glass Over .

So, You Void this Information.  Just then the Neighboring Child that You Like Spots You and Runs to You While You Got Both Hands Full with a bite of Hamburger.  You Remember the Glass, and You Try to Stop Her From Running Up to You; But Before You Do, She Kicks the Glass and it Breaks On the Concrete.   Now, She Feels Like it is Her Fault.   And that Was the Last of the Cherry Juice.  Double bummer.  And it Was My Birthday too~!

Now, the Small Child Realized What I Was Trying to Say, and I Realize What Yahweh Was Telling Me.  But, it’s Too Late For Both of Us, This Time.  (We Can Learn From the Past).

I’ve Done Nothing But Showed What Happened When We Don’t Obey.  So, Allow Me to Show You Another Example When I Trusted Yahweh.  I Was On My Way to Class When I Was in College.  I Was Running Behind, and This Particular Teacher Didn’t Like For Us to Be Late For Class.  I Wanted to Really Drive Fast~!  But, this Inner Voice Said, “Drive Normal, You’ll Be ALL Right.”

Well, it Went Against Everything that I Could Believe with My Mind.   But, I Thought, I Don’t Know How You’ll Do it, But I’ll Trust You and Come in Late.  I Got to Class 10 Minutes Late, Only to Find Everyone Sitting Around Talking.  I Said, “Where’s the Instructor,” and Someone Said that They Didn’t Know.  At 15 Minutes After the Instructor Walked in Saying that She Had Car Problems, (She Had Never Been Late Before).  She Never Even Knew that I Was Late.


Ready to Obey

We Are Instructed to Walk as Yahoshua Walked; (1 John 2:6).  How Did He Walk?   Led by the Spirit (Matthew 4:1; Luke 4:1).  As We Get Closer to the End Times, it is Imperative that We, the Church, Be Led by the Spirit of Yahweh.

Below is a Word From Yahweh Given to John G. Lake On March 6, 1917, {See More Details at}  

Click Here To Go To a Web Site About John G. Lake

The Triumph of Yahoshua, (The Messiah) Was Obtained Through His Willingness to Be Led by the Spirit of God.  The Triumph of the Christian Can Be Obtained Only in a Similar Manner.  Even Though God Has Baptized a Soul with the Holy Spirit, There Yet Remains as with Yahoshua, the Present Necessity of Walking in Humility and Permitting the Spirit of God to Be His absolute Guide.


Yahoshua Was Successful Because the Holy Ghost Guided Him Constantly; and He Allowed the Holy Spirit, He Let Yahweh Guide Him.  Yahoshua Would Spend Time Praying and Come Away Knowing Who He Was to Pick as His Disciples, or Know that He Needed to Go to Samaria, (Even Though ALL Else Opposed)Humility is the Key.  Yahweh Gives Grace to the Humble.  1 Peter 5:5; James 4:6; Proverbs 3:34

Yahoshua Before He Went Up to Heaven Said, “And I Will Ask the Father, and He Will Give You Another Comforter, that He Might Remain with You Forever.  But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father Will Send in My Name.  He Will Teach You ALL Things.  And He Will Cause You to Recall Everything I Have Told You,” {John 14:26}.  Titus 2:11-13 Tells Us that the Moment that We Got Salvation, the Grace of Yahweh Begins Teaching Us.

Advocate, a Counselor, a Helper, a Mediator, A Go-Between~!

The Word Comforter as Used in John 14:16; John 14:26; John 15:26; John 16:7; 1 John 2:1, Comes From the Greek Word ParakletosPara Means Along Side.  So this is Someone that is Called to One’s Side, Especially Called to One’s Aid.

But it Can Also Be One Who Pleads Another’s Cause Before a Judge, an Intercessor, an Advocate, a Counselor, a Helper, a Mediator, a Go-Between, But Also a Strengthener, a Comforter, and in the Truest Sense of the Word a Standby.

Parakletos {par-ak’-lay-tos – Click Here to On Speaker Icon to See How this Word is Pronounced ~  ~ Strong’s Concordance # 3875}; or the Paraclete – The Comforter: One Called to Stand Constantly by One’s Side and Who is Ever Ready to Stand by Us and Take Our Part in Everything in Which His Help is Needed.  You Are Never Alone.  There is No More Need of Fear.


I Read in the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, (TDNT)*, by Geoffrey W. Bromiley That Said Parakletos Has First a Passive Sense, i.e., “Called in to Help.”  From this Develops the Sense of a, “Helper in Court,” (Though Not an Advocate or Professional Adviser).

In English, We Use the Word, “Paraclete,” Wherever the Original Greek Texts Have, “Parakletos.”  The Complete Word Study Dictionary* by Spiros Zodhiates, On Page 1107, Says that, “The Holy Spirit is Called a Paraclete Because He Undertakes Christ’s Office in the World While Christ is Not in the World as the God-Man in Bodily Form.  In Addition, the Holy Spirit is Called the Paraclete Because He Acts as Christ’s Substitute On Earth.”

  1. One Who Pleads Another’s Cause Before a Judge, a Pleader, Counsel for Defense, Legal Assistant, an Advocate

  2. One Who Pleads Another’s Cause with One, an Intercessor

    1. Of Christ In His Exaltation at God’s Right Hand, Pleading with God The Father for The Pardon of Our Sins

  3. In The Widest Sense, a Helper, Succourer, Aider, Assistant

    1. The Holy Spirit Destined to Take the Place of Christ with Us (After His Ascension to the Father), to Lead Us to a Deeper Knowledge of the Gospel Truth, and Give Us Divine Strength Needed to Enable Us to Undergo Trials and Persecutions On Behalf of the Divine Kingdom.

I Derived this Definition From the KJV New Testament Greek Lexicon, (Parakletos), Although this Rendering Made it Sound Like the Holy Ghost Was Only For the Apostles of Yahoshua’s Time Period.  Changing the Words From Apostles to Us, {as What the Holy Spirit Did then is What He is Still Doing Now}, and this Reads as Follows.


To See a Listing of Good Study Resources that I Use, Click Here.

Here Comes the Judge~!

Literally, Parakletos, {3875}, Means, “One Called Alongside,” Particularly One Called to Help in a Legal Situation: a Defense Attorney.  A Forensic or Courtroom Atmosphere Can Be Seen in Words Like, “Advocate, Counselor”, Used to Translate Parakletos.  Actually, There is a Legal Tone to Some of What Yahoshua in John Says About the Paraclete.

Well, ALL of these Definitions Sort of Rolled into One and I Got the Sense that The Holy Spirit Was Our Advocate While We Are On Trial On This Earth, (Similar to An Actual Court Room Setting).  Everything We Do is a Test, and We Even Have Testimonies, and Testaments to Validate that.  If There Had Been No Test, then We Would Not Have a Testimony.  Testimonies Are Used in a Court of Law.  However, We Don’t Have to Toil in these Test, and They Should Be Called a Testimony, (Hebrews 4:1-10).

The World is Watching Us, to See if They Want to Accept Yahoshua.  To See if We Are Real, and Do We Have the Love, (by this Shall ALL Men Experientially KNOW That You Are My Disciples ~ John 13:35), and the Holy Spirit Helps, and Advises Us as We Go.  The Holy Ghost is Most Like a Standby, or We Are Partners in this Endeavor to Seek First the Kingdom of Yahweh.  Join Partners.  The Holy Ghost is Not a Silent Partner, But an Advisor Often Coming to Our Aid as We Go About Doing the Will of Yahweh.  To Read More About How We Are in a Court, (Click Here).

A Standby is Like Having a Self-Propelled Lawn Push Mower.  It’s There ALL the Time, But Sometimes You Don’t Engage it, Like When You’re Turning or Cutting Around a Tree. However; When You’re Coming Up a Hill and tilting Just to Push the Mower, and then You Engage the Self-Propelled Engine, You Are Assisted Going Up the Incline, and You Can Walk Upright and Just Guide the Mower.

The Complete Word Study Dictionary by Spiros Zodhiates On Page 1107 Says that, “When Christ in John 14:16 Designates Himself as the Holy Spirit, the Word Must Not Be Understood as Applying to Christ in the Same Sense as in 1 John 2:1, Where it Refers to Our Substitutionary Advocate Who Pleads Our Cause with the Father, But Rather as He Who Pleads Yahweh’s Cause with Us.”  The Lord is My Shepherd, He Leads Me… Psalm 23:1.

Substitutionary Atonement is the Act of Restoring Balances by Substitution.  For Example, One Might Say that if You Take an Apple From a Store and Eat it, You Need to Replace it with a Substitution, Such as Another Apple or Money.  In the Event of a Wrongful Act Committed Which Cannot Be Undone, a Substitution Must Be Found as a Recompense; the Correction of Imbalances Created.  This is the Basis of Torts, (as in Liable in Insurance, to Sue).  The Scriptures Refer to this as a, “Propitiation.”  To Provide For as in When Abraham Went to Sacrifice Isaac, Yahweh Provided a Ram in the Thicket, (Genesis 22:13-14).

Shalom in the Old Testament Means, “Peace,” and is Best Defined as, “Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken.”  Yahweh Would Have Something Missing and Broken if Not that Yahoshua Was Substituted and Your Sins Were Paid For~!


The Ways in Which Yahweh Communicates to Our Hearts.

In Giving My Examples, Did You Notice that I Talked About Different Ways that Yahweh Had Talked to Me?  And these Just Happen to Illustrate the Many Ways that Yahweh Talks to Us Today.   I Heard Yahweh in My Knower, I Felt Led of Yahweh by Inner Voice, and I Also Sensed His Nudging.  These Are Three Ways of Discerning Yahweh’s Thoughts.

Yahoshua Told Brother Kenneth Hagin in 1959 the Following:

1 The Number One Thing that You Can Teach My Children in these Last Days is How to Be Led by the Spirit of Yahweh.  The Number One Way that We Are Led by the Spirit of Yahweh is the Inward Witness(Romans 8:14, Romans 8:16). 

{Editor’s Note: this is What My Father Calls a, “Strong Feeling.”  My Father Will Say, I Just Got this Strong Feeling… ~ Just a Green Light or a Red Light, Go or Stop.  It’s What I Call the Holy Ghost Nudging My Spirit.  Sometimes if it’s the Wrong Voice, it Feels Like a Rumbling, Very Pushy and Not Peaceable at ALL.  At Other Times, Either I’m Arguing with Yahweh, or the Enemy’s Voice, or Myself.  How Can I Tell?  James 3:15-17 Shows Us What to Look For, if it’s Strife it Isn’t Yahweh~!

James 3:15-17, ~ 14 But if You Have Bitter Envying and Strife in Your Hearts, Glory Not, and Lie Not Against the Truth. 15 This Wisdom Descends Not From Above, But is Earthly, Sensual, Devilish.  16 For Where Envying and Strife Is, There is Confusion and Every Evil Work.  17 But The Wisdom that is From Above is First Pure, then Peaceable, Gentle, and Easy to Be Entreated, Full of Mercy and Good Fruits, Without Partiality, and Without Hypocrisy.

2 The Number Two Way is by the Inward Still Small Voice, (This is the Voice of Your Very Own Spirit, the Voice of Your Conscience, Your Spirit Really).  We Are a Spirit According to Proverbs 20:27 ~ the Spirit of a Human Being is the Lamp of Yahweh, Searching ALL the Inner Depths of His Heart.  1 Corinthians 2:9-14 Says… We Also Are Spirit that Communes with the Spirit of Yahweh ~ A Person’s Own Spirit Within Him or Her.  Your Outer Person Has a Voice, and Your Inner Person Also Has a Voice.  And Romans 8:16 Also Shows Us that We Are a Spirit.

3 The Third Way that Yahweh Talks to Us is the Voice of the Holy Spirit, and this is More Authoritative.  I Submit that When Yahweh Talks to Us in this Manner Even the Demons Can Hear it, and then They Know the Plan of Yahweh, and Have an Opportunity to Try to Sabotage it.  {See Psalm 23:4-5}.


Furthermore, Let Me Add, that I Really Want to Get to the Place Where Yahweh Can Guide Me in Quiet Ways, Like We Point a Finger For a Child and Their Eyes Follow.  Yahweh Can Guide Us by Placing a Finger On the Lip, or a Wink.  Yahweh is a Father Also, and He Does ALL that.  He Guides Us with His Eye, {Psalm 32:8}, and I’ve Had Yahweh Take My Vision and Point My Eyes to Something He Want Me to Know About But Not Ever Say a Word.

However the Best Way to Hear From Yahweh is When Yahweh Can Talk to You in that Inner Person Where No One But You and Him Hear it, it’s Like Reading Yahweh’s Thoughts, and this is the Ultimate Strategy Plan For the Spiritual War that We Face.

Yahweh’s Primary Way of Speaking to You is that Inward Witness~!

Perhaps, Not the Norm, But Yahweh Can Also Guide Us with the Voice of the Spectacular, (Such as an Angel).  And Yahweh Can Speak Through Others, and Especially Through Prophets, But these Really Should Confirm Something that You Were Not Quite Sure of that You Have Already Heard On the Inside, {Hebrews 1:1-2, 1 John 2:27}.


Yahweh’s Thoughts

1.  Yahweh Speaks in a Voice that is the Holy Spirit in You, and Sounds Like Our Own Voice.

 1 Corinthians 2:10-13  
2:10    But Yahweh Has Revealed Them Unto Us by His Spirit: For the Spirit Searches ALL Things, Yea, the Deep Things of Yahweh.
2:11   For What Person Knows the Things of a Human Being, Save the Spirit of The Person Which is in Him?  Even So the Things of Yahweh Knows No Person, But the Spirit of Yahweh.
2:12   Now We Have Received, Not the Spirit of the World, But the Spirit Which is of Yahweh; that We Might Know the Things that Are Freely Given to Us of Yahweh.
2:13   Which Things Also We Speak, Not in the Words Which Mankind’s Wisdom Teaches, But Which the Holy Ghost Teaches; Comparing Spiritual Things with Spiritual.

The Enemy of Yahweh Tries to Do this Same Thing, Sounding Much Like Your Own Voice.  Often this is the Way the Enemy of Yahweh Will Talk.  Suppose that You Know Someone, and They Have a Red Car.  As You See Them Drive Up in Their Red Car, You Hear Inside of You, “They Just Bought that Red Car to Bring Attention to Themselves”.  In Fact, it Sounds So Much Like You Talking that You Think that You Are the One that Just Thought this Thought.

It’s Crafty, (as in WitchCRAFT), and You Might Find Yourself Repeating the Thought Word For Word in Your Head.  If You Do, Be Sure that You Just Got Duped by d—Evil One, But Don’t Feel Condemned, We’ve ALL Gotten Duped at One Time or Another.

In this Instance, it Was a Little Obvious that this Was Not From Yahweh, as this Was The “Accuser of the Brethren”, Doing Some More Finger-Pointing.  (I Glorify the Name of Yahweh, But I Don’t Even Dignify the Enemy by Giving Him a Name at ALL ~ Isaiah 6:13).

 Revelation 12:10    
12:10    And I Heard a Loud Voice Saying in Heaven, Now is Come Salvation, and Strength, and the Kingdom of Our God, and the Power of His Christ: For the Accuser of Our Brethren is Cast Down, Which Accused Them Before Our God Day and Night.

Take No Thought~!

However, When You’re the Subject of His Condemnation with Accusations, it Often Isn’t Perceived as Such.  For Example, Suppose You Are Facing a Challenge, Whether it Be a Financial or Someone Close to You, in a Car Wreck Now in the Hospital Faced with the Possibility to Lose a Limb, or a Teenager that Won’t Seem to Listen.

Then You Hear a Voice Inside of You that Says, “I’m Going to Fold, and We’re Going to Lose the House as No More Money is Going to Come In,” or, “I Guess I’ll Have to Learn to Live with So & So Without a Limb,” or, “My Child Was Just Born Rebellious, and I Can’t to Talk to Him”.  If You’re Not Cautious, You Might Find Yourself Repeating Out Loud the Thought that Was Imprinted into Your Heart.  Now that Weed Planted Will Take Root as You Are Watering it~!

Talking About Subtle.  This Was the Kind of Stuff that Yahoshua Was Referring to in Matthew Chapter 6, Where Yahoshua Said, “Take No Thought Saying.

Matthew 6:31
Therefore Take No Thought, Saying, What Shall We Eat?  or, What Shall We Drink?  or, Wherewithal Shall We Be Clothed?

Some Translations of Matthew 6:25-34 Say Anxiety, and Some Say, “Take a Thought ...  If You Count the Number of Times, Yahoshua Mentions, “Take No Thought” Five Times in Only Ten Verses, {2 to 1 Ratio or Half of What He Spoke in these Verses Spoke On Our Substance}.  So, this Must Be Important~!

 Matthew 6:24-34    
6:24    No Person Can Serve Two Masters: For Either He Will Hate the One, and Love the Other; or Else He Will Hold to the One, and Despise the Other. Ye Cannot Serve God and Mammon.
6:25    Therefore I Say Unto You, Take No Thought For Your Life, What You Shall Eat, or What You Shall Drink; Nor Yet For Your Body, What You Shall Put On. is Not the Life More than Meat, and the Body than Raiment?
6:26    Behold the Fowls of the Air: For They Sow Not, Neither Do They Reap, Nor Gather into Barns; Yet Your Heavenly Father Feedeth Them. Are You Not Much Better than They?
6:27    Which of You by Take Thought Can Add One cubit Unto His Stature?
6:28    And Why Take Ye Thought For Raiment?  Consider the Lilies of the Field, How They Grow; They Toil Not, Neither Do They Spin:
6:29    And Yet I Say Unto You, that Even Solomon in ALL His Glory Was Not Arrayed Like One of these.
6:30    Wherefore, if Yahweh So Clothe the Grass of the Field, Which to Day Is, and to Morrow is Cast into the oven, Shall He Not Much More Clothe You, O You of Little Faith?
6:31   Therefore Take No Thought, Saying, What Shall We Eat?  or, What Shall We Drink?  or, Wherewithal Shall We Be Clothed?
6:32   (For After ALL these Things Do the Gentiles Seek:) For Your Heavenly Father Knows that You Have Need of ALL these Things.
6:33   But Seek You First the Kingdom of Yahweh, and His Righteousness; and ALL these Things Shall Be Added Unto You.
6:34    Take Therefore No Thought For the Morrow: For the Morrow Shall Take Thought For the Things of Itself. Sufficient Unto the Day is the Evil Thereof.

In Fact, I Think it Might Be the Primary, or Even the Only Strategy that d—Evil One Operates in.  The Only Power that Satan Has is the Power of Suggestion.  As Long as We Don’t Take a Thought in Our Heart and then Say it Out Loud, then it is Rendered Useless in Effecting Our Lives.

I Think that is Why Paul Instructed Us to Take ALL Thoughts Captive, Subject to the Obedience of Christ, Being Ready to Punish Every Thought that Exalts Itself Above the Knowledge of Yahweh, (2 Corinthians 10:5-6)You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Will MAKE You Free~! (John 8:32).

All of the Things that the Enemy of Yahweh Will Try to Tell You Are Lies, For He is a Liar, and the Truth is Not in Him, and Yahweh’s Word is Truth, and Therefore the Words of d—Evil One Will Contradict the Scriptures and Yahweh’s Good Intentions For You, (Jeremiah 29:11, John 8:32, 44; John 17:17).  Cling to What Yahweh’s Word is Saying Concerning Your Situation, or What Has Yahweh Promised You Through a “Spoken Word” From a Man or Woman of Yahweh Who Prophesies Over You.

You Cannot Be the Head and Not the Tail, and Also About to Fold Under and Lose it ALL.  Your Loved One Cannot Lose a Limb, and by His Stripes We ARE Healed~!  And Your Child Cannot Be Rebellious, When Yahweh Promises that if You Train Up a Child in the Way They Should Go, They WILL NOT Depart Far From it.  Somewhere, You Have to Stand On the Promises that Yahweh Has Made.

How Will I Know When It is Time?????

Probably, When You Hear the Still Small Voice.

Another Clue in This, ‘Free Will Thing’, that  Yahweh Empowered Us with is that Anytime You Have an Inclination to Do Something Selfish or that Benefits You Rather than the Other Person, the Selection that Benefits You the Most is the Wrong Choice.  Love Never Fails, (Selfish Ambition Fails and Causes Fear, and All Sorts of Evil, {Read James 3:16 Below}).

For Wherever There is Jealousy (Envy) and Contention (Rivalry and Selfish Ambition), There Will Also Be Confusion (Unrest, Disharmony, Rebellion) and ALL Sorts of Evil and Vile Practices.

However, On the Flip-Side of that — Making the Right Choice Has these Results that Follow...

But the Wisdom From Above is First of ALL Pure (Undefiled); then it is Peace-Loving, Courteous (Considerate, Gentle). [It is Willing to] Yield to Reason, Full of Compassion and Good Fruits; it is WholeHearted and Straightforward, Impartial and Unfeigned (Free From Doubts, Wavering, and Insincerity).

And the Harvest of Righteousness (of Conformity to Yahweh’s Will in Thought and Deed) is [The Fruit of the Seed] Sown in Peace by Those Who Work For and Make Peace [in Themselves and in Others, that Peace Which Means Concord, Agreement, and Harmony Between Individuals, with Undisturbedness, in a Peaceful Mind Free From Fears and Agitating Passions and Moral Conflicts].

The Biggest Clue that You’re About to Make the Wrong Selection Can Be Measured by Your Thoughts and Words Coming Out of Your Heart.  If They Reflect ‘Fear’, (Usually in the Form of Excuses, Such as, “If I Don’t Act Now, I’m Getting Older..., “or Simply Put, it’s ALL About Us~!).

What Might Really Surprise You, But When You Do Take One of these Thoughts Captive, (and You Will Have to Take Them Captive as They Don’t Just Go Away On Their Own, “If You Just Dismiss Them then They Will Try to Keep On Resurfacing and Resurfacing, and Be a Nuisance Vexing You Like a Fly Buzzing Around You ALL Day Robbing You of Your Time and Creating an Atmosphere of Unrest, “Then the Moment You Do Take this Thought Captive, You Will Find that this Particular Thought Never Comes Up Again, and You Will Begin to Realize that Wasn’t Your Thought, But it Sounded Just Like Your Voice Inside of Your Head, “This Was One of the Familiar Spirits, Familiar with Your Ways, Familiar with Your Voice, Familiar with What He Perceives the Natural Person Without Christ Would Do, and Opposed to Yahweh’s Plan.  If You Could See into the UnSeen Realm then You Would See that There Was a Spirit Involved that Was Sent Forth with Instructions to Try to Hinder or Thwart Yahweh’s Plans and Purposes For Your Life).

Or the Enemy of Yahweh May Just Try to Get You To, ‘Entertain a Thought’. to ‘Detain’ You for a Period of Time, to Keep You From ‘Entering In’ to the Fullness of What Yahweh’s Wants For Your Life, *(and For Others).  If the Enemy Can Keep You Pre-Occupied with Thoughts of Lust, or of Envy or of Greed or Undisturbedness, (Restlessness, Vexed in Your Spirit), or Any of the Other Selfish Ambitions, then He Just Robbed You of Your Time to Dwell On the Thoughts and Plans and Purposes that Yahweh Wants For You, and d—Evil One Knows that Dwelling On Thoughts Will Produce Actions.

d—Evil One Knows that if He Can Get You to Do Something Without Faith, then He Cut-Short Yahweh’s Purposes and Has Persuaded You to Do Something Selfish, (That’s His Nature, Remember How He Told Eve, “Did Yahweh Really Say That You Weren’t to Eat of the Fruit of the Tree that You Would Really Die, or Was it Really Because He Knew that You’d Be Like Him, and Got Eve to Move in a Selfish Realm Rather than by Faith,” (Genesis 2:16-17; Genesis 3:1-7).  We Are Tempted and Drawn Away by Our Own Lusts, and that How Sin Works, Every Time, (James 1:14).  1st d—Evil One Got Eve to Question Yahweh, (by Getting Her to Lean to Her Own Understanding, “Can it Really Be that Yahweh Has Said, You Shall Not Eat From Every Tree of the Garden?  This Loving Father Who Loves You So Much Would Deny You to Eat of this Really Pretty Fruit, You Must Have Heard Yahweh Wrong).

So, Now Eve Moved From Faith to Selfish-Ambition, But it Was So Subtle, the Scriptures Says that Adam Knew it Was Wrong, But Eve Did Not, (1 Timothy 2:14, 2 Corinthians 11:3).  As Soon as You Hear Yourself Say, “I Don’t Care”, We’ve Just Moved Into The Arena that d-Evil One Wants Us to Be In. D-Evil Doesn’t Want Us to Be at Fault and to Commit Sin by Accident, (Like Cutting Off Someone In Traffic that We Couldn’t See).  D-Evil One Wants Us to Cut them Off on Purpose, To Incite Anger, Strife that Can Escalate into a Riot~!  It Could Be that You Are Tempted to Gossip or With Pornography, or to Lie, or to Steal, or Run a Traffic Light.

The Holy Ghost Could Be Saying to You, Don’t Do That.  And If We Respond by Saying, “I Don’t Care”, We’ve Just ‘Entertained a Thought’.  And If We Proceed Forward Into an Inappropriate Action, Now, We’ve Been Duped Into Believing d-Evil Can Meet Our Needs and Yahweh Can’t.  We’ve Just Made d-Evil One Our Lord and Our God, (We Think We Are Just Doing What We Want To Do, but that’s a Misconception, You Didn’t Make A Bad Choice Without Help from D-Evil One ~ He Does Have the Word ‘Evil’ in His Name as That’s His Nature and Character).  And That’s Not All, Folks~!  Remember Yahoshua saying that d-Evil is a Liar~!, (John 8:44)?  Well, Not Only Does d-Evil One Lie to You, and Get You to Entertain A Wrong Thought;  He’ll Approach Your Spouse or Another Loved One Trying To InFiltrate Their Thoughts That You Don’t Love Them and Think Only Of YourSelf, and Ensure that They Catch You in The Act of Doing the Wrong, Reinforcing The Thought Bomb that He’s Trying to Convince Them About You, Once You’ve Made the Choice, of “I Don’t Care~!

Yahweh Has Great Plans For You Just Around the Corner, Such as a Spouse that is UnReceptive or UnAppreciative, is Going to Start Viewing You in a Different and Better Light, and See Some of the Good Traits in You~!  Or Someone Needs You to be Praying for Them Right Now or to Be Praying for the World.  I Wish I Could See The World From Yahweh’s Perspective and Find Out that Most of the Atrocities That Took Place Happened While We Were Not Praying and Being ‘Detained’ by a Rouse from d-Evil One.  It Would Take Faith To Believe, My Wife’s Bosom Satisfies Me at ALL Times, and I Am Enthroned by HER Love,” (Proverbs 5:19; Matthew 19:4-6), Rather Than to Succumb to Pornography.

And That’s the Other Clue in the Making the Right Choice. If It Takes Faith then that’s Yahweh’s Answer to The Problem; (Faith is Defined as Coming From Hearing Yahweh’s Word and Acting On that).  If it is Something You Can Figure Out in Your Flesh, and More Specifically with Your Head Knowledge, then it’s Not Faith and You’re Being Deceived into Believing a Lie, (Such as Yahweh Has Not Healed Me, So I Need to Do Such-n-Such).

Okay, I’ve Indentified the Problem.  Now, for a Solution, (There May Be More Than One).  First, of All, Repent.  Just Acknowledge that You Were About to Make the Wrong Choice, or that You Made the Wrong Choice, and Ask Yahweh to Forgive You as He Said that He Would in 1 John 1:9.  Don’t Get All Down On Yourself.  Recall that You Didn’t Come to these Bad Thoughts All By Your Lonesome.  You Had Help From the Voice of D-Evil One.  Okay, Now that You’ve Repented and Accepted Forgiveness, Go the Opposite Direction.  If it was Pornography, Start Proclaiming Scripture that Fixes the Hole in Your Heart Where Your Love Language Makes You Feel That Your Love Tank Is Not Being Filled.  My Wife’s Bosom Satisfies Me at ALL Times, and I Am Enthroned by HER Love,” (Proverbs 5:19; Matthew 19:4-6).  If It’s Stealing, then Proclaim, “Let Him Who Stole Steal No More; But Rather Let Him Labor, Working with His Hands The Thing that is Good, that He May Have Something to Give to Him Who Has Need”, (Ephesians 4:28); or “Wealth Gained Dishonestly Dwindles Away, But He Who Gathers by Hand Makes it Grow”, (Proverbs 13:11).  If It’s Sickness, Proclaim that You Are Already Healed.

 Psalm 103:2-3 Instructs Me to 2 Forget Not All His Benefits: 3 Who Forgives ALL Our Iniquities, Who Heals All Our Diseases; And  Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:17; 1 Peter 2:24 Says that, “Himself Bore My Sickness & Disease and by His Stripes I Am Healed”~!  Psalm 112:7 ~ Says, “They Will Not Be Afraid of Evil Tidings; Their Heart is Steadfast, Trusting in Yahweh.”

If It’s Finances that Have Your Attention, Focus Instead on the Promises of Yahweh about Prosperity, Such as, For You Know the Grace of Our Lord Yahoshua, {Jesus}, Ha‘Mashiach, {Christ}, that, Though He Was Rich, Yet For Your Sakes He Became Poor, that You Through His Poverty Might Be Rich, (2 Corinthians 8:9).  Stand on that Truth.

And What If You Don’t Know What Scriptures to Proclaim?  With the Modern OnLine Searches on Computers, Search for a Key Word and Ask The Holy Spirit Which Verse Should You Hang Your Hat On.  And I’ve Included a Few That I Know of, {Click Here or Here}.  Then, After You’ve Gotten Your Temptation In Check.  Go After the World.  Why Did d-Evil Want to Keep You ‘Detained’?  Is A Small Child In Africa Being Told to Kill Someone or They Will Kill Him?  Is There a Supposedly ‘Honor Killing’, taking Place Right Now in Pakistan and Your Prayers Could Prevent this?  Is Someone Planning an Act of Terror in Jerusalem?  (Psalm 122:6).  Is Someone about to Be Raped, Robbed, Ambushed, Killed, Lied To or Deceived and We Could Thwart d-Evil One’s Plans.  Is the President of the United States, (1 Timothy 2:1-3), Being Prevented from Doing What Yahweh Has Ordained Him to Do because of Hurricanes and North Korea?  They’re Are Lots of Stuff that We Could Have and Would Be Praying For, If We Weren’t ‘Entertaining a Thought’.

What If You Don’t Know What To Pray For and You Probably Won’t.  Then Pray in Tongues.  What if You Don’t Believe in Praying in Tongues.  Get Over it and Turn to Mark 16:17, and Do It By Faith.  Romans 8:26-27 says, “In The Same Way, The Spirit Helps Us In Our Weakness. We Do Not Know What We Ought to Pray For, But The Spirit Himself Intercedes for Us Through”.  Go Pray for 15-45 Minutes Right Now In Tongues, while in the Back Of Your Head You Are Mulling Over the Extremely Wicked or Cruel Acts that d-Evil Brings.  If You Want to Know What You’re Praying in the Spirit that’s Included in the Scriptures if You’ll Believe and Receive it by Faith, “Therefore Let Him Who Speaks In Another Language Pray that He May Interpret. for if I Pray In Another Language, My Spirit Prays, But My Understanding is Unfruitful.  What is it Then?  I Will Pray with The Spirit, and I Will Pray with The Understanding Also. I Will Sing with The Spirit, and I Will Sing with The Understanding Also”, (1 Corinthians 14:13-15).

Take No Thought, Saying,” (Matthew 6:25-34, Click Here For More Information About How To Take a Thought Captive)

Take ALL Thoughts Captive,” (2 Corinthians 10:5-6)



Take a Word From Yahweh

At Some Point in Time, You Have to Do Exactly What the Enemy of Yahweh is Trying to Get You to Do, and That Is, “Take a Thought,” Except Not the Enemy’s Thoughts, But Yahweh’s, and then Put Forth “Spoken Word”s to it.  (I Wrote More About this Subject and Published it to Several Web Sites, “See Below).

What Do You Suppose Would Happen if You Started Taking Every Thought Captive, ALL Day Long.  You Would Be Long-Suffering For Awhile.  But, We Are Not Ignorant of the Devices of d—Evil One, and the Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal, (1 Corinthians 10:4-5).  So, Here’s What We Know About the Enemy of Yahweh.

For Starters, Any of the Fruits of the Spirit that We Have in Galatians 5:22-23 Against Such There Is No Law.  So, the Enemy of Yahweh is Not Long-Suffering, or Patient.  In Fact, We Have a Stacked Deck~!  All of Our Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal Against Such There Is No Law, and ALL of the Enemies Devices’ Are Only Carnal, and Have to Be Legally Won~.  In Addition to Only Carnal Weapons, the Enemy of Yahweh Has Pride in Him, (Isaiah 14:12-16), and Pride Does Not Like to Be Defeated.  This is His Weakest Link.

So if You Started Taking Every Single Thought Captive ALL Day Long, the Enemy of Yahweh Would Soon Quit Messing with You, (James 4:7-8), Because He is Not Long-Suffering; However, You Have this Capacity, (One the Fruits of the Spirit), and His Pride Does Not Want Him to Keep Getting Beat Up.  And Soon, ALL You’ll Hear ALL Day Long is Only Yahweh, or Your Own Thoughts.


Arguing With Yourself

2.  So, Let’s Talk About Your Own Thoughts.  You Never Argue with Yourself.  Sounds Simple, But it’s True.  If You Walk into a Friend’s Home and You Observe a Large Screen TV that Appears to Be Off, then You Might Make a Mental Note that They Have a Large Screen TV.  You Saw with Your Mind and Your Own Understanding Something to Which You Can Understand and You Accepted the Facts as You Saw Them. 

But, Suppose that the Moment that You Saw the Large Screen TV, You Also Heard a Voice Saying that the TV is Broken, and Wondered if it Was Really Broken.  What You Heard May or May Not Be True, But One Thing We Can Know, You Probably Have Not Come Up with this Yourself.  If You Had Said, “I Wonder if it Works,” That’s Inquisitive On Your Part, But Not Arguing with Yourself.

If You Find that You Are Responding Back or Talking to Yourself, then You’re Arguing.  Now, I Have Found that Enemy of Yahweh Tends to Operate in the Realm that We Can See and Feel, and to Use What We Can Perceive with Our Own Understanding to twist the Truth.

And Because of Such, the Enemy of Yahweh Tries to implant Thoughts in You that Are Within the Carnal Realm of the Natural World, and that Usually Causes You to Feel Condemned or Powerless to Overcome, But it Doesn’t Cause You to Want to Argue with Him, (Remember He Tries to Be sly and Cunning).  Whereas the Things that Yahweh Tells You Are in the Spiritual Realm and Often Arouse Conflict with What Your Senses Are Trying to Convince You of.


So, if You Are Arguing with Yourself, You’re Probably Arguing with Yahweh.  It Doesn’t Have to Be an Argument.  If You’re More in Tune, You Might Notice What I Call a, “Rumbling”.  Just an Uneasy Gut Feeling.  Yahweh’s Word Tell Us that this Rumbling is Described as Earthly, (carnal, Natural), Sensual, Devilish and it is the Hallmark of the Enemy of Yahweh.

And It Produces Fruit After It’s Own Kind of Self-Ambition, (as the Amplified Bible Classic Edition Calls it), or Envying and Strife, and this in Turn Produces Confusion and Every Evil Work.  So, if You’re Not Arguing, But You Just Got an Uneasy Feeling About Something, this Sounds Like the Enemy of Yahweh Trying to Persuade You Do Something and Yahweh Directing Your Heart in a Different Manner.

Note How Different the Wisdom that is From Above Is.  Pure, (Without Any Hidden Agenda), Peaceful, (no Rumbling), Gentle, Willing to Yield, (Not Demanding it’s Own Rights. See 1 Corinthians 13:5 in the Amplified Bible Classic Edition), Full of Mercy and Good Fruits, Without Partiality and Without Hypocrisy.

(Read James 3:14-18 Below or Click On this Link
to Read Alternate Translations)

 James 3:14-18    
3:14    But if You Have Bitter Envying and Strife in Your Hearts, Glory Not, and Lie Not Against the Truth.
3:15    This Wisdom Descends Not From Above, But is Earthly, Sensual, F15 Devilish.
3:16    For Where Envying and Strife Is, There is Confusion F16 and Every Evil Work.
3:17    But the Wisdom that is From Above is First Pure, then Peaceable, Gentle, and Easy to Be Entreated, Full of Mercy and Good Fruits, Without Partiality, F17 and Without Hypocrisy.
3:18    And the Fruit of Righteousness is Sown in Peace of Them that Make Peace.

F15: Sensual: or, Natural
F16: Confusion: Gr.  Tumult, unQuietness
F17: Partiality: or, Wrangling

Paul Described the Following of the Holy Ghost as The “Peace of Yahweh” ruling in Your Hearts, or Acting as an Umpire.

 Colossians 3:14-15    
3:14    And Above ALL these Things Put On Charity, Which is the Bond of Perfectness.
3:15    And Let the Peace of Yahweh Rule in Your Hearts, to the Which Also You Are Called in One Body; and Be You Thankful.

The Moment You Realize that You Are Arguing or You Feel This, “Rumbling,” That’s the Time to Stop and Evaluate the Conversation a Little More.  I Often Find that at this Point, that it is a Good Time to Take that Thought Captive.  And I Do So with a Question that Yahweh Put in His Word For Us to Ask.  I Say, “Spirit that Just Said Such-n-Such, I Command You by the Name of Yahoshua, (Ha Mashiach, {Christ, the Messiah}) of Nazareth, to Tell Me, Has Yahoshua, (Ha Mashiach, {Christ, the Messiah}) Come in the Flesh?’”.

And then I Get Quiet in My Spirit.  I Will Not Move Any Further On this Matter Until I Have a Reply.  If There is Nothing, I Press it.  I Ask Again, and I Demand that the Spirit Answer Right Away.  At this Point, I Often Hear, a Harsh Disappointed, “No,” and Even Sense that the Spirit Has Left Disgruntled, Like a Small Child Who Has Been Found Out.  On the Other Hand, Yahweh is Quick to Reply, as Yahweh is the One that Instructed Us to Test the Spirits, and it Seems to Me that Yahweh Will Do Something to Each Person that Will Make His Reply Personal to You.

  1 John 4:1-4    
4:1   Beloved, Believe Not Every Spirit, But Try the Spirits Whether They Are of Yahweh: Because Many False Prophets Are Gone Out into the World.
4:2   Hereby Know You the Spirit of Yahweh: Every Spirit that Confesses that Yahoshua, (Ha Mashiach, {Christ, the Messiah}) is Come in the Flesh is of Yahweh:
4:3   And Every Spirit that Confesses Not that Yahoshua, (Ha Mashiach, {Christ, the Messiah}) is Come in the Flesh is Not of Yahweh: and this is that Spirit of Antichrist, Whereof You Have Heard that it Should Come; and Even Now Already is it in the World.
4:4    Ye Are of Yahweh, Little Children, and Have Overcome Them: Because Greater Is He that is in You, than He that is in the World.

4.  What’s the Plan of Action For Us?

We Have Found that Only Three Voices Can Be Heard Inside of You.  Yours, Yahweh’s, and the Enemy of Yahweh.  Since the Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal, (or What We Can See and Hear and Feel), Let’s Put On Some Armor Regarding What Yahweh Says About Us Hearing From the Father.  We Put On Armor, But Putting into Our Hearts What Yahweh’s Word Says About a Situation.  First We attire Ourselves with John 10:4, 14.

 John 10:4,14    
10:4    And When He Puts Forth His Own Sheep, He Goes Before Them, and the sheep Follow Him: For They Know His Voice.
10:14    I Am the Good Shepherd, and Know My Sheep, and Am Known of Mine.

Yahoshua Said, His Sheep Know His Voice.  So, I Would Start with that.  I Would Take this Word From Yahweh and Start Saying it Out Loud.  I Would Decree or Declare Out Loud that Yahweh Said This, and Since Yahweh Cannot Lie, then this is So in My Life.  No if, And’s or But’s About it, Yahweh Said that I Hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd, So Therefore I Hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd.  Enemy of Yahweh, You Cop?  And That’s a Big 10-4 Good Buddy, John 10:4, That Is!

But Wait, There’s More.  If You Act Promptly, You Can Also Clothe and Shield Yourself with Deuteronomy+32:12 or Isaiah 43:12.

32:12   So Yahweh Alone Did Lead Him, and There Was No Strange God with Him.
 Isaiah 43:12    
43:12   I Have Declared, and Have Saved, and I Have Showed, When There Was No Strange God Among You: Therefore You Are My Witnesses, Says Yahweh, that I Am God.

Yahweh Wrote Down that There Was No Strange God with Us.  That Stops the Enemy of Yahweh Right in His Tracks.  Yahweh, Wrote, I Believe it, and that Settles it.  If You Don’t Believe it, then it Won’t Be Settled For You.  I Give No Place to the Enemy of Yahweh, (Ephesians 4:27), and From this Point Onward, I Will Have No Strange God with Me.

And Besides the Clothing of the Armor of Yahweh, There’s a New Car~!  Well a New Vehicle For Getting Yahweh’s Message into Your Heart.  You Have Here Below the Words of Yahweh that Promise You that You Have a Hearing Ear in Isaiah 50:4.

 Isaiah 50:4    
50:4    Yahweh GOD Has Given Me the Tongue of the Learned, that I Should Know How to Speak a Word in Season to Him that is Weary: He Wakes Me Morning by Morning, He Wakes My Ear to Hear as the Learned.

I Had Joy in Pointing Out to the Enemy of Yahweh that, “Thus Says Yahweh”, And, “It is Written,” That Yahweh Wakes Me Up Morning by Morning, (and Yahweh Does), But No Where is it Written that the Enemy of Yahweh Has the Right to Wake Me Up at ALL, and So Also From this Point Onward, I Will Not Be Awakened by the Enemy of Yahweh.

So, We Have Yahweh’s Promise that We:

  • Hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd

  • Can Have No Foreign Gods Among Us

  • Have a Hearing Ear.


Still Small Voice

I Heard a Story of Two Shepherds that Met in Israel, and Were Talking and ALL Their Sheep Mingled ALL Around Them.  As One Parted, He Began to Sing, and ALL of His Sheep Separated Themselves From the Other Sheep and Followed Him.  We Know the Voice of Our Shepherd Also.  Not So Much as in a Voice that We Know Like Recognizing, “W. C. Fields” Voice, or, “Mickey Rooney’s”, or Anyone Else On the Telephone.  We Do that Also.  But, We Also Recognize the Methods, the Style.  Let Me Show You What I’m Talking About.

Here’s is My Final Point and Once You See This, You Will See that this cumulates Everything Else that I’ve Said into One Small nutshell.  Yahweh Speaks in a Still Small Voice, “Wow~! That’s Simple.  It is the Voice that is Still.  That is Yahweh’s Style~!  But, What is a Still Small Voice?  I Think You Know What a Still Small Voice Is, But I Want to Draw it Out of You.  Well, Let’s Define What it’s Not and that Will Help You to See What I’m Talking About.

A Still Small Voice is Not the Ones that Children Use When They Want You Buy Something For Them, and it’s NOT the Voice that is Just Shouting at You to, “Give Me, Give Me, Do it Now,” or, “It’s Going to Be Gone, You Better Buy it Now,” and On and On and On. That’s d—Evil One Folks, He Does Not Have the Fruit of the Spirit, and One of the Fruits Is, “Patience,” So He’s Impatient, Being Fruitless.


The Big Looming Picture, Like the Streaming Real Time Quotes that Are Saying, “Sell, or Buy,” or the Great and Strong Wind, or Earthquake, or Even a Fire Are Used by the Enemy of Yahweh to Cause Your Emotions to Stream Out, and Try to Persuade You to Do Rash that Seems to Be Something that Needs to Be Done Right Now.  But, The Still Small Voice is the One that is Being Still, Constant.  It’s that Word that is Peaceful.

But the Wisdom that is From Above is First Pure, then Peaceable, Gentle, Willing to Yield, Full of Mercy and Good Fruits, Without Partiality and Without Hypocrisy. (James 3:17)

The Peace of Yahweh Will Guard Your Heart Like an Umpire or a Govern On a Carburetor, it Won’t Allow You to Be LED by Wild Emotions.  (Click Here to Read John 14:27; Colossians 3:15; Philippians 4:7).

The First Time that I Drove Down a Two-lane Highway I Was Very Young, and My Father Was with Me.  It Was My First Time with Head-on Traffic.  I Was About to Pass My First On-Going Car.  As the Cars Got closer, My Father Gently Placed His Hand On the Wheel. Whew~!  What a Sigh of Relief.  Peace~!

That’s the Effect that Yahweh Our Father Has On Our Hearts When He Talks to Us.  A Calming Reassurance.  This Peace is Like a Wall that You Can Lean Against On a Cliff’s Edge, or a Steady Hand On Your Shoulder, or a Knowing in Your Knower.

Now, this is What I Do.  Once I Realize that the Shouting is Not Yahweh, I Quiet Myself Down.  When I Can Clearly Hear the Still Small Voice, I Talk Back to the Father, and I Say, “Father, I Hear You and I Would Just Like to Politely Ask How Do You Want Me to Go About Doing What You Have Just Said?,” As Yahweh’s Word is Easily to Be Entreated, (reasonable, Considerate of Other People’s Opinions, Willing to Yield to Reason, Willing to Yield to Others, Does Not Fight); {Strong’s Concordance # 2532}.


Inquiring of Yahweh

Pretty Simple, But I’d Say this is the One Area Where We Miss Yahweh the Most.  We Don’t Talk Back, or More Specifically We Don’t Ask Enough Questions of Yahweh.  Sometimes, We Don’t Have Time to Ask, “How,” But Most of the Times Yahweh Gives Us Ample Amount of Time to Respond, and Please Don’t Consider that You’re Being Rebellious Because You’re Wanting to Ask Yahweh How He Wants Whatever it is Done.  You’re Going to Do it, and You Have a vague Idea, But Why Not Inquire of Yahweh and Do it the Way He Wants?

Did Not Yahweh Say, “Call Unto Me, and I Answer You, and I WILL Show Great and Mighty Things Which You Do Not Know,” Jeremiah 33:3 is Where that Verse is Found, and You Can Think the Numbers Identifying this Verse as Yahweh’s Telephone Number.  333, “or  J-333, or Yahweh 333.

King David Had Many Success in Battle, and They Weren’t Because He Had a Special Connection and Knew Yahweh’s Heart, But Because He Would, “Inquire of the Lord,” (1 Samuel 23:2, 4, 6, 9; 1 Samuel 30:8; 2 Samuel 5:19,23, 1 Chronicles 14:8-17).  And David, Didn’t Just Ask One Time and Quit, or Get One Small Hint or Clue and Charge Off Saying, “I Know, I Know,” and Assume that He Knew What to Do.  David Would Inquire Again.


Someone Once Told Me that I Hear From Yahweh More than Anybody that They Know.  I Could Have Gotten Pretty Self-Righteous, But I Just Pondered Why that Was, in Other Words, I Asked Yahweh a Question But I Don’t Actually Address Yahweh When I’m Inquiring of Yahweh, I’m Just Aware that Yahweh is Tapping into My Thoughts, and then I Heard Yahweh Answering My Question by Telling Me that this Person Did Not Ask Yahweh Any Questions.  So, I Said, “Do You Ever Ask Yahweh Any Questions”.

What Kind of Questions?, They Replied.  Anything?  Do You Ever Ask Yahweh Where a Parking Place Is?  Where You Left Your Keys, Where the certain Orange Juice in the Store that Your Spouse Sent You After.  How Did You Invent Water or Why?  Anything.  They Replied Sheepishly, “No,” They Thought Either that Was too Small or Felt that Yahweh Was Talking ALL the Time and That They Just Weren’t Good Listeners.

So, I Said to that Person, and I Say to You Now.  Start Inquiring of Yahweh.  Yahweh, What Color Shirt or Blouse Should I Wear, Which Slacks or Dress, Which Way Should I Go to Work, (This One May Surprise You).  Does it Matter What Clothing You Wear?  It Probably Does to Yahweh’s Plans, as Certain Color Provoke Certain Emotions.  But, More Importantly it Gets You in the Habit of Listening to Yahweh in an Area Where the Outcome is Not Dangerous if You Miss Yahweh.


Once, I Was Telling Someone Else How On the Way to Work that I Felt the Holy Ghost Telling Me Not to Take My Normal Route, But to Take a Side Road.  I Did, and Drove On to Work.

When I Came Back Home I Didn’t Hear Yahweh Say Not to Go Down My Normal Route, So I Proceeded Down My Normal Route Home, and it Was Apparent that the City Had Been Using a Backhoe to Dig Up the Road to Laid New Water Mains that Morning.

So, Just to Satisfy What I Thought the Holy Ghost Did Not Tell Me, I Passed the Next Road, (The One that I Had Come Down this Morning), and Looking Down that Road, Sure Enough There Were Some Cars Backed Up While a Backhoe Was Digging Up the Middle of the Road.

And that Brings Me to Two Others Another Points

1. I Gave Yahweh a, “Power of Attorney” to Talk to Me Anytime He Wants, Day or Night, in the Middle of the Night if He Wants.  I’ll Get Up and Go Talk with Yahweh at Whatever Time.
2. I Go by Just as Much What the Holy Ghost Does Not Say as Much as by What He Does Say.  If I Proceed Down a Certain Path and Don’t Hear Yahweh Saying No, I Feel that it is Okay to Do So.

So, I Expect Yahweh and Me to Be Talking ALL Day Long.  If You Asked Me How Long I Pray, it Might Never Be Over 10 Minutes at a Time if that, Maybe Only Five Minutes.  However, I Never Go Over Five Minutes Without Talking to Yahweh.

This Other Person, Said to Me, You Sure Hear the Holy Ghost a Lot.  It Really Didn’t Dawn On Me, Until About Now, (14 Years Later), that I Was Always in the Habit of Asking Yahweh How I Should Go to Work, Every Day, Even Though I Knew the Route Well.

Something’s, I Don’t Ask But Just Observe and State My Observations to Yahweh, Just Like a Child Would Do to Their Parent.


Sometimes, My Observations Are So Wrong that I Make Yahweh Laugh, and That’s Fun Also~!  I Enjoy Making Yahweh Laugh~!  But, as a Good Father, He Corrects Me with Compassion.

So, that Being Said, I Don’t Fall On My Knees Trembling with a Twisted View of The “Fear of Yahweh,” and Get Shocked When Yahweh Talks.  I Expect it, and Therefore, I Go Just as Much by What Yahweh Doesn’t Say as What He Does Say, and Yahweh Didn’t Say Not to Go Back Home My Normal Route.

It Takes Faith in Yahweh Believing that Yahweh Cares For Us and Will Talk to Us, But Faith Comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of Yahweh, and I Saw Already that Yahweh Said, Call Unto Me and I WILL Show You Great and Mighty Things Which You Do Not Know, (Jeremiah 33:3).  1 Peter 5:6-7., Yahweh is the CareTaker, So Let Him Take Your Cares.”

Now, When I Talk About, “The Fear of the Lord,” Please Understand, I’m Not Saying You Should Be Afraid of Yahweh. He’s Your Father~!  You Should Be as Secure and unAfraid When You Come Before Him as a Child Who Knows He is Dearly Loved.

But You Must Also Have So Much Respect For Him that Whenever He Reveals Something You Need to Do, You Do it Immediately—Even if it Goes Against Your Natural Desires.  That’s Walking in the Fear of Yahweh.

By the Way, Yahweh Reads My Thoughts.  d—Evil One Cannot Read My Thoughts, But Has to Guess or Use Familiar Spirits to Ask What Might Probably Happen.  However, and I’m Jumping Ahead of Myself, But I Think We Eventually Get to the Point Where We Read Yahweh’s Thoughts, and So We Never Actually Hear a Voice at ALL, But Know What the Heart of Yahweh is Thinking.

(I Put Together Some Thoughts On the Fear of Yahweh, and it Will Open a Second Window that You Can Read Them Later On by Clicking this Link Above).


I Delight in Doing the Parking Space Question.  It’s My Favorite, and if You Want to Grow with Yahweh, I Recommend it Highly.  What Matter Does it Make if You Miss Yahweh’s Voice On This?  It Might Cost You Some Time, and that Timing Could Be Vital So that You Will Avoid a Disaster or Bump into the Right Person that Yahweh Wants You to Be an Ambassador to with Just the Right Word “Fitly Spoken” at the Right Time.  But, Basically, if You Miss Yahweh On This, You Will Still Be Whole, and Not in Any Danger.

But, Here’s What I’ve Found Over and Over Again.  Yahweh Will Direct You to a Row of Cars that Your Mind Will Want to Shout, “Yahweh There Are No Parking Spaces On that Row”.  And as You Drive Down the Row, a Car Will Pull Out at the Exact Time that Permits Only You Getting Just the Right Parking Space.

What if Someone Else is There Also.  Do I Hold Fast and Grab My Parking Space; or Do I Bow and Be the Good Guy, and Give Them the Parking Space?  Guess?  I Inquire of Yahweh.  It Might Be that Yahweh Does Want Me to Run Across Someone’s Path in the Store, and if I Lean to My Own Understanding I Might Just Give the Other Person the Parking Space and Miss Out On Yahweh’s Best, and I Would Never Know that I Didn’t Make Contact with Yahweh’s  Appointment.


Maybe, d—Evil One Watches Me and Knows that I Always Get a Parking Space, and Have an Appointment with Someone Inside, and Has Deceived this Other Driver into Acting Selfishly to Try to Thwart Yahweh’s Plans.  But, Yahweh Would Have Accounted For that Also.  I Don’t Know, So I Inquire of the Lord.  Maybe, What the Enemy Has Meant For Bad, is Really Setting Me Up For the Exact Timing.  I Inquire of Yahweh, and Do What He Says to Do.

After a While of Hearing From Yahweh, and Getting a Parking Space Just emerge From Seemingly Out of Nowhere, I Began to Trust Yahweh More, But I Decided Since Yahweh Likes a Cheerful Giver, that I Would Give Yahweh My Submission Very Exuberantly, and So I Began to Reply Back to Yahweh When He Told Me to Do Something, “It’s Exciting Yahweh to See How You’re Going to Pull this One Off, But I Know that You’ll Do it”.

I Urge You Also to Have this Response Ready ALL the Time.  Every Time, Yahweh Speaks to Your Heart, Reply, “It’s Exciting Yahweh to See How You’re Going to Pull this One Off, But I Know that You’ll Do it,” and Mean it When You Say it.  It’ll Change Your Heart, Your Attitude and Most Importantly, Your Walk with Yahweh.  Your Ship Could Look torpedoed and Appear to Be Sinking, But if Yahweh Told You to Stay Onboard, then Stay with that Ship.  Help is On the Way~!


Did You Know that Babe Ruth Hit a Lot of Home Runs?  Did You Also Know that Babe Ruth Struck Out More than Anybody Else?  So, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Yahweh and Miss.  Yahweh Can Correct You, But I’ll Bet by Constantly Asking Yahweh, You’ll Get Very Good at Discerning His Voice.  It’s Training.

Go to the Grocery Store and Start to Pick Up a Can of Beans and Say, “Yahweh Should I Get this Can or Another”.  The Next Can Might Taste Better.  Which Box of Cereal, Which Soft Drink?  Yeah, if Your Friend or Spouse is There, You Might Look Dumb.  Get Them Doing it with You.  Get the Kids Involved.  The Kids Will Say Some Really Dumb Things, and You’ll Know Right Off that They Are Listening to Their Own Wants and Desires, and Calling that Yahweh’s Voice, (hey, You Might Even See Yourself and What You Do to Yahweh, by Watching Children Hear From Yahweh).

You Might ALL Hear Yahweh~!  If You Miss Yahweh and Get the Wrong Jar of Pickles, then You Might Be in pickle, But You’ll Not Hurt Much.  Or if You Go Down the Wrong Isle, or Wear the Wrong Color and Everyone Else Has that Color On.  However, this Deliberate Attempt to Get Yahweh Involved in Everything Will Help You to Hear Yahweh When the Choices Really Matter.


I Remember After Doing that For So Long, I Was Driving Through a Green Light Doing About 45 mph, and I Heard the Voice of Yahweh, (and I Knew His Voice From Doing the Grocery Inquiry), and He Said to, “Stop.”  I Locked Brakes and skidded Through a Green Light, Just in Time to Watch a Station Wagon with a Man and a Woman and Their Four Children Wiz by Me Less than Three or Four Feet in Front On My Bumper, and ALL the Family Was Looking at Me with Very Wide Eyes glued to the Windows.  I Think that They Like Us, Were Coming Home From Church .

My Wife Said, “Did You See Them?,”No, I Replied”.  She then Asked, “How Did You Know to Stop”.  I Said, “I Heard Yahweh Say Stop, and Felt Like He Mean Now, So I Stopped”.  She Said, “I’ll Never Doubt that You Hear From Yahweh”.  And She Hasn’t Since that Time.  Isn’t that the Kind of Respect that ALL Us Men Want From Women.  These Results Came From Asking Yahweh Which Jar of Peanut Butter I Should Get.


Grace to Believe that You Are Hearing From Yahweh.

Suppose that You Asked Me to Pray that You Would Be Able to Hear From Yahweh.
However, My Desire is Instead that You Have the Grace to Believe that You Already Do Hear From Yahweh.  I’ll Explain and I’ll Be Brief.  If in Any Way that this Sounds Like I Am Rebuking You or that I Am Correcting You, then Stop Right Now and Don’t Go On.
It is Not My Intention to Do So in Any Manner.  Once I Taught On Covenant to a Sunday School Class at My Father’s Church and it bombed Bad.  Immediately Within the Hour, My Father Asked Me to Preach that Night, and Yahweh Told Me to Preach On Covenant, (What I Just Messed Up, So I Saw that I Really Needed the Gift of Teaching, and So I Asked For the Gift of Teaching and the Sermon Was One of the Best I’ve Ever Done, and Now I Have that Gift of Teaching, and I Generally Don’t Talk About it Much, But I Suppose I Have Thought that the One Called to Be a Teacher overrides My Ability to Teach, Just as Anyone Can Prophesy, But ALL Are Subject to the Prophets.
1 Corinthians 14:32
And the Spirits of the Prophets Are Subject To the Prophets.
So, For this Web Site, Receive Me as a Someone Teaching.  I’m Not Trying to Sound Condescending, (Big Word) to Look Down at You.
Suppose You Have a Pick-Up Truck and You Called Me and Told Me that You Wanted Me to Pray that You Would Have a Pick-Up Truck to Haul a Load of Dirt.  I Would Say, “Your Truck is Sufficient For You.”
Does this Remind You of the Time that Paul Begged Yahweh to Remove From Paul, a Messenger of Satan, and Yahweh Replied, “My Grace is Sufficient For You, For My Strength is Made Perfect in Weakness,” {2 Corinthians 12:7-9}.
Okay, “A + B = C” Person,
(I’ll Refrain From Saying the E-word, So You’ll Know I Like Engineers).
Join these Thoughts On Grace with Ephesians 2:8, Where Surprisingly We Are Not Saved by Faith, But by Grace; However, it is Through Faith.  Selah, {Pause and Think About that}, For a Moment“
Okay, the Selah Break is Over .  Since His, “Grace is Sufficient For You” and You Are, “Saved by Grace” (A + B), then You Must (C) Already Have the Grace that is Needed For You to Do What it is that You Want to Do.  In this Case, it’s to Hear From Yahweh Better.
I Heard a Man Once Pray Almost Every Single Sunday, Asking Yahweh to Give Him the Mind of Christ.  I Tried to Be Gentle, But He Really Didn’t Like it When I Told Him that According to The Word of Yahweh that He Already Has the Mind of Christ, if He’d Only Believe that it Was So.
Philippians 2:5 -
Let this Mind Be in You, Which Was Also in Ha Mashiach, {Christ, the Messiah}, Yahoshua:
It is Always Easier to Believe that We Are Striving to Arrive, Especially in Light of the bumbling Mistakes that We ALL Make, than it is to Believe that We Actually Have the Mind of Christ, and to Reinforce that Even When We Make errors in Judgment.

What’s the Difference Between a Faith Emphasis and Grace Awareness?  To Stress Faith is Saying that if I Have Enough Faith, I Can Cause Something to Happen.  Grace Says I Already Have it, My Part is to Believe and Receive.

I’m Saying that Grace is in You.  So, Where Does Faith Come in?  It Might Be Faith to Believe that You’ll Have the Grace to Realize that Yahweh Already “Spoke” and Said Light Be, and it Was, and Now Yahweh Has “Spoken” Again at Least Three Times Saying You Hear Him.  It’s Never Your Part to Try to Huff and Puff and Faith it Up.  But, it’s Always Your Part to Believe and Receive.
Therefore I Say Unto You, Whatever Things You Ask When You Pray,
Believe That You Receive, and You Will Have Them.

John 1:12 -
But as Many as Received Him, to Them He Gave Power to Become the Sons of Yahweh, Even to Them that Believe On His Name.
So, in the Same Way, I Would Say, “You’re Asking Me to Pray For Something For You that You Already Have.”  Or Suppose that You Asked Me to Pray that You’d Hear From Yahweh in the Event that Someone Asks You a Question that You Would Have an Answer For Them.  Would this Verse Do it For You?
Colossians 4:6 -
Let Your Speech Be Always with Grace, Seasoned with Salt, that You May Know How You Ought to Answer Every Person

Okay, this Verse Needs a Helper to Let Every Word Be Establish Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses.

Isaiah 50:4 - Show Context

“Yahweh God Has Given, {Past Tense} Me The Tongue of the Learned, that I Should Know How to Speak A Word In Season to Him Who Is Weary. He Awakens Me Morning by Morning, He Awakens My Ear To Hear as the Learned.
You’re Getting it, I Can Feel it On this Web Site.
Now, Change Your Prayers From, “Please Yahweh, Help Me to Be Able to Hear From You as Your Pastor and Representative,” “To I Can See in the Word at John 10:4 That ‘I Know the Voice of the Good Shepherd, and I’ll Never Ask You For that Again.”  Okay, I Tossed in a Ringer Here After Talking About the Other Two Verses and then Went For the 3rd Witness.  So, Why Not Bring Out the Big Artillery.
Deuteronomy 32:12
{Click On the Link Above to Look Up this Scripture}
And Next Time You’ll Know in Your Knower, Not Just that You Hear From Yahweh, But Because Yahweh Said So, and You Just Did Your Part and Believed it Was So.  10-4 Good Buddy?  Big 10-4, John 10-4.  {See Also John 10:14}
I’m Also Going to Pray this For You, that You Begin Have the Grace to Know Your Authority in Christ.  I Heard Someone Say Recently, “I Know that You’re Familiar with Mark 11:23, and You Believe that What Yahweh Said Will Come About, Including this Verse, “But Do You Believe What You Say?”

How to Hear From Yahweh.
You Can Look Up the Scripture References by Just Clicking On the Verse Below. or DownLoad InstaVerse,
(Click Here to DownLoad InstaVerse)

  • Spend Time with Yahweh,
    (it is Yahweh’s Will that You Be FILLED with the Spirit of Yahweh), {Ephesians 5:17-19}.
    • If You Drink Just a Little Wine Every Day, No One Will Know that You’ve Been Drinking
    • However, if You Drink a Lot of Wine, Everybody Will Know it~!
    • Wherefore Be You Not Unwise, But Understanding What the Will of Yahweh Is
    • And Be Not Drunk with Wine, Wherein is Excess; But Be Filled with the Spirit
    • Spend Time with Yahweh According to His Word and All Will Know ~
      (John 13:34-35)
  • Learn to Still Ourselves in Yahweh’s Presence
    • Discerning Other Voices:
      • The Voice of Reason
      • The Voice of the Enemy ~ Disguises Himself as an Angel of Light
      • The Voice of Your Own Flesh
      • The Voice of Other Folks
    • Get Still
      • Set Aside a Place
      • Not Just at a Set Time, “~ When You Feel that Inner Voice of Yahweh Calling, (Could Be Instead of What Might Be Your Favorite TV Show)
      • Block Out Other Things ~ Turn Off the Distractions
        • TV
        • Radio
        • Your Own Thoughts
    • Sing Psalm, and Hymns and Spiritual Songs that Have Depth and Meaning that You Can Connect with. Speaking to YOURSELVES
      ~ Speaking to YOURSELVES in Psalm and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Singing and Making Melody in YOUR Heart to Yahweh, {Ephesians 5:17-19}.
      • Could Be Songs to Yahweh ~ A Song of Yahweh
      • Psalm ~ What Yahweh Word’s Declares,
        (Toward Us, Our Situation, Yahweh’s Place)
      • Hymns, (A Song Given by the Holy Ghost)
      • Instead of Looking to a Routine ~
        Listen to that Inner Voice Telling You What to Do this Time~!
      • Playing a Musical Instrument ~ Make Melody in YOUR Heart
  • Bring a Pen & Pad Along and Place it On the Side, (Expect Yahweh to Say Something), “
  • Spend Time Serving (Acts 6:1).
  • Spend Time in the Word, (Hebrews 11:6).


Things that Are Prerequisites to Study Yahweh’s Word.

  1. A Designated Time Every Day
  2. A Designated Undisturbed Place
  3. All or Some of the Resources Listed Below
  4. Yahweh’s Word that You Read, (Not Just Carry to and From}
  5. Faith in the Holy Ghost to Talk to You as You Read and Study.

Other Tips For Hearing From Yahweh

1. The Holy Spirit Leads
2. Look in the Written Word
3. By Dreams & Visions
4. By Prophetic Words, (Even From People You Don’t Like or Don’t Think Very Highly of)
5. Seeking Counsel From Godly Men & Women
6. Fleeces & Signs Can Fool You, but You Have an Inner Witness, (You Can Hear From Yahweh Directly, and the Scripture is Always a More Sure Word, (2 Peter 1:19; John 10:27-28; Deuteronomy 32:12; 1 John 2:27; John 15:7).
7. Inner Witness
8. Beware of Emotions as They Cloud Your Judgment.
9. Stay Accountable & Submitted.
10. Cultivate Your Relationship with the Lord.
11. Do Not Live in Sin as it Cloaks Your Confidence in What Yahweh is Telling You.
12. To Be Confident that it is Good, You Must First Be Confident in Your Relationship with Him.
13. Do Not Rely on Fortune Cookies, But Be Open to Hear His Voice Even in a Song On the Radio, Like Randy Travis’ Song, “I’ll Love You Forever and Ever”.


How to Develop a Listening Hear For Yahweh.
 You Can Look Up the Scripture References by Just Clicking On the Verse Below.


Five Characteristics of a Listening Spirit.

  • A Teachable Spirit, (Open Spirit, Acknowledging that There is Something to Learn, Able)
  • Attentive Spirit, (Proverbs 4:21 – 24)
  • A Humble Spirit, (Psalm 25:9).  This is a Really Big Point.  Humility is the Key.  Trusting to What Yahweh Tells You Rather than Lending Onto Your On Understanding. It’s Not that You’re Dumb.  But, You Have to Trust that Yahweh Can See Something that You Can’t.
  • Submissive Spirit, (Deuteronomy 11:13).
  • An Expectant Spirit, (Proverbs 8:34).  Waiting On Yahweh is an Active, Not a Passive Action, But More Like a Soldier Waiting For the Order.
To Find Out Where Yahweh Will Meet You, {Click Here}.

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You. Isaiah 54:14

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In Righteousness You Shall Be Established; You Shall Be Far From Oppression, For You Shall Not Fear; and From Terror, For it Shall Not Come Near You.  Isaiah 54:14

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