Sweet Sigma Poetry


A young lady who has a lot to offer,
No vulgarity or boastfulness is a part of her.
And who is willing to lend a hand
For Sigma, she'll always stand.

Sympathy is a part of her for the poor.
Never a stray she turns from her door.
To her, the love of God is a must
And in all she places her trust.

Sigma's Hymn she will sing with all her might
So that from its radiance others will see the light.
The pin, she will wear with a great deal of respect
But she's a Sigma-what can we expect?

~ Soror Mattie Lee Hollida


Gently graceful, yet elusively powerful.
The blood of queens flows through my veins.
My ancestors ruled under royal blue skies and donned
crowns of pure gold.
I am the living dream of my ancestors.
In the company of my sisters,
I serve others selflessly.
The spirit of my founders guides me, their light
shines within me ever so brightly.
I am the living dream of my founders.
Curious are the eyes who stare as I go, and it's no wonder,
I am a woman of Sigma Gamma Rho.


One day I asked God for the best He had new,
He said, "Take the richness of the color Royal Blue."
I then asked God for the best He had old,
He said, "Take my wonderful Antique Gold."
I told God I was searching for love in the Earth,
for value and sisterhood with women of worth.
He said, "What's best for you, I'll always know.
Here, meet your sisters... Sigma Gamma Rho."
I said, "God, we're all so different. What can we do?"
He said, "Learn to love each other as I love all of you."
I said, "God, that's so hard.
We can't make it come true!"
He said, "It's hard - Yes!
But I command that you do."
I set out on my journey.
Pledged my time and mind, Learning how to love while I was on line.
As I grew into a Sigma and walked the burning sands,
my loving sisters accepted me, holding forth their hands.
I see them and I meet them everywhere I go.
It is glorious to have others with me as I grow.
So God, for my sorors, I thank you so!
The satisfying sisterhood of Sigma Gamma Rho!

~ Author Unknown


Stepping on campus
Trying to find a way
To be that special person
A woman, one day

Just minding my own Business
To see what was going on
I had a talk with the Sigmas
To see what they had to say

I was flabberghasted, in awe
Surprised to see
A room full of beautiful women
And they were just like me

Well they took me under their wing
Along with two others too
And showed us how to be 'Sigma Women'
In that antique gold and royal blue

I never thought I would have friends like these
A sister I've never had
They love me with such unconditional love
Without it I'd go mad

They make sure I'm on my homework
And pick me up when I'm down
They tell me it's okay to cry
A new family I have found

I'm learning what it means to be a woman
With all the right qualities
A 'Sigma Woman' is the 'Best' woman
A young lady could want to be

So I must say thank-you, Sorors
For all that you give
You are the best thing that could have
Happened to me
And I will remember that
For as long as I live

~ Soror Mekonya Cheefus


Out of a crowd of millions, I will emerge to be.
I am destined to be the star of every galaxy.
And when I arrive all eyes are on me.
More distinguished than any other, I am a rarity.
I am the first encounter of every kind,
So ethereal, dominating, and refined.
Suave, sexy, strong, and unmistakably envied
By all those who desire to belong to me.
But my complexity is too intense to see.
Yet, even I am amazed b my own ability.
I am BAD from HEAD to TOE!
I am a woman of Sigma Gamma Rho.