Lines of Zeta Chi

The Zeta Chi Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority
was started on the campus of the University of Alabama
in Tuscaloosa, Alabama,on November 14, 1975.
We are proud to be growning 26 years strong here at the Capstone.
The women of Zeta Chi have proven to be true Sigma women.

Our Beloved lines of Zeta Chi:

Fall 1991 (Reactivation with Stillman HK)
Kristina "Hope" Henry
Lenette Wallace
Aleidra Seals
Stacy Ross
Fall 1992
Sonia Clark
Laria Gray
Tondalaya Odom
Jackie Jones
LaTanya Hill
Ophelia Maynard
Spring 1993
Arlene Daisley
Brittina Hood
Yemargura Hall
Natashia Hutchins
Michelle Newman
Cheryl Edwards
Mary Giles
Delmira Saunders
Carolyn Paige
Cheryl Gilmore
Toni Herron
Fall 1993
Patrice Davis
Coretta Carter
Spring 1994
Carmaletta Mitchem
Fall 1994
Tannesha Cox
Gwendolyn Jackson (Omega Rho)
Sigma Ship SS A. C. T (Spring 99)
J. Allison
**Captain Congeniality**
K. Moore
** Deuce Sensitivity**
M. Lindsey
** Anchor Kharisma**
S.O.L.E Survivor (Fall 99)
S. Saxton
Faithful Few (Fall 00)
K. Thompson
L. White
Sigma Ship SS B. L. E. U (Spring 2K1)
M. Wright
** Captain AzurE **
J. Williams
** Deuce CobaltE**
A. Pugh
**1st Mate SapphirE **
P. Vernor
**2nd Mate RHOyal **
V. Starks
** 3rd Mate CErEalEan **
M. Chapman
** Anchor Endigo **
Shades of Sigma (Fall 2K1)
E. Cotton
** CaRHOmel**
D. McGaster
S. Self
** Latte**
S. Strong
K. Campbell
**Brown Sugar**
T. Feagin
**Cocoa **
E. Burnett
K. Sydnor
W. Anthony
T. Hayden

4 Deadly Assassins (Fall 2002)
T. Jones
F. Rupert
** The Accused**
M. Feagin
S. Cook