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French cuisine has been taking a beating in culinary circles lately. Heavy ingredients, and a rather snobby image hasn't exactly seen patrons tripping over themselves to sample the "French flavour of the month".

But L'Aigle d'Or restaurant seems to be the exception to this rule. Whether it's the buzzing excitement you feel as soon as you walk into the lobby of the Berjaya Duxton Hotel, or the animated service staff that greet you, this French restaurant can still draw a good lunch crowd despite a few setbacks.

"We had one guest staying in the hotel during SARS," says Phillipe Pau, Operations Manager.

Maybe it's the affable presence of Phillipe, who has returned to the Duxton Hotel after a two-year hiatus that has the place buzzing with so much excitement. Word has it that some diners explicitly make reservations when Phillipe is at the restauraunt. It's easy to see why. His warm personality and old-world charm is infectious


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