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Stubborn As she walks in the room silence
falls about the room all thou the people keep on
talking ... All I can hear is her sweet voice
Xconcrete_AngelX whos
Stubborn I watch as she walk about and it seem
everyone disappears ... For all I can see is her
Stubborn As if ours eyes met for the first time
Stubborn As if we have never spoken before
Stubborn So Scared so excited
Stubborn wanting to shy away yet need to take her in my arms
Stubborn Dreaming of the way her lips feel pressed againist mine
Stubborn Alway wonder touch gentle her touch is
Stubborn How it feels to be the man the wakes in the morning next to her
Stubborn Then known I have her in my arms forever
Stubborn Everyday I can taste her sweet lips
Stubborn And I'm the man that will wake up next to her every morning
Stubborn For I know I have stole her heart her soul
Stubborn Knonw that she everything I have ever wanted
Stubborn ever needed
Stubborn SHe's the one that makes me whole for she is all of me
Stubborn She's my world my dreams
Stubborn From the moment that I first laid on my eyes on her I knew
Stubborn That she woould be mine wife the woman that I lay with at night and wake up in the morning with
Stubborn The one that keeps me warm the one that takes care of my needs as I take care of hers
Stubborn Everyday n everyway I'm going to show her how much I love her How Much I need her
Stubborn I love You Linda Marie Cornish
Xconcrete_AngelX i LOVE U MIKE CORNISH

LIES 2 To my loving Wife
Each day spent with you is another day to treasure.
Each moment spent with you just another moment that will be remembered
Now there's so many ways of saying I love you And I want to say the All
There's so many ways of shown how much I love You And I will use them All
Just from this moment to the next I will love you and
from this year to the next I will be with you sharing everything with you
from this life time to the next and all the lifetimes that may follow
I want to be with no one else

I have no idea why ive made this page
Maybe it to remind me how nieve i can be
I loved You with all of me we had so many problems
we got throw them..You came in July and made all the work worth it
when You asked me to be Your wife in real ,,After 13 months on line
Then you go home and call another and cheat on me
saying i wasnt paying attention to You
..You throw us and our love away our dreams.and all the words you said.
The promises You made me and my kids all became LIES
.TWo days after we ended YOU went to anothers bed..
I ask You this..was it worth the sweet lies you said that broke my heart
..That seams not to be able to mend
from Your SWEET LIES.....

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