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Top McGowan's...310th Updates

Up Dated: 27 APRIL 2004 ... I have been released from medical hold here at Fort Polk and am back as the Unit Administrator for the Headquarters of the 310th. It is good to be back helping the soldiers I have come to know so well and the ones I am to get aquainted with that have arrived during my absense. There are three soldiers trying to get home as quickly as they can. They are SFC Bohannatramn, SGT Hernandez, and SPC Beard. They miss their families and fellow soldiers, and can't wait to rejoin them soon. Thank You and God Bless each of you. Master Sergeant Robert Anthony McGowan. Save Up To 80% Everyday On All Xbox Titles Only At! hot electronics v01 Spring234x60_1 Uniform_468 A Healthy Way to Shop (486x60) What Concerns or Issues do you have? Do you need to get in touch with one of our soldiers? Send your requests directly to Top McGowan to personally check into! Just click here and send me a message! Thanks!

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