Hair Styles

(I apologize for my spelling mistakes and stuff
but it's like almost mid-night and I'm trying
to get this allll typed up for before I go to

Here are some cute hairstyles I found in a
magazine (Cosmo Girl). And the best part is
you can do em yourself!! I love those kinds
a styles don't you?? Lol

Ok to get this look all you have to do is
make two poneytails (one on top of the other)
It works better if they are both even. Take
them and twist them each into a bun, leaving
some hair free.

Gather 3 quarters of your hair (from the top)
into a poneytail. Pin remaining hair to the
top of the tail.

Pull hair into a low poneytail. Got it? Ok now
braid it. Form the braid into a bun, then
secure it with pins :)

Take a small section from the base of the
poneytail, wrap it to cover the elastic,, and
pin it underneath!

Divide a low poneytail in two. Twist one section
to the right and the other to the left.
Then pin into a bun.

~*How to ShInE*~
Have you ever wondered how models-
like the ones on the guess ads-get their skin
to look so shimmery? Well I have, and now know
how to do it!

The night before the shoot, the models
exfoliate their bodies by showering with a washcloth.
Than they applie 2 coats of self tanner (like
Lancome Flash Bronzer Self Tanning Lotion for
the Body, 25$, lancome.com). The next morning
they smooth an oil-free moisturuzer (Like
Neutrigena Combination Skin Moisture, 12$ at
drug stores) over the girls' faces. While
it's sinking in, they blend a peachy cream
blush onto the apples of their cheeks for a
dewy glow (Jane Sweet Cheeks Instant Blush in
Sunny Day, 4$ @ drug stores). For extra shine
they dot a shimmery stick highlighter (Jane
Glow Goddessin Celestial, 4$ @ drugstores)
on cheekbones, brow bones, the tips of their
noses, their chins-and then blends. They
finish it off with a coat of bronze shimer
cream (NARS Body Glow, 55$, 888-903-NARS)
on their arms, legs, and stomach-any part of
the body skin may show.
Compliments of Sabriina B. Paul (makeup artist
who gives Guess models that "sexy" look)
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