These are some recipies of facials, masks, and scrubs!!!
I have super fun testing them on friends
or even on myself!! It is really fun to have a
slumber party (something we girls do best) with a group of your
closest friends and do make overs!

All of the ingridents used are natural,
but it's a good idea to do a patch
test before you put something different on your face, body,
or hair. Just put a small amount of
the recipe on the inside of your forearm. Cover
it with an adhesive strip and leave it on
for about 24-hours. If your skin turns red,
or burns or anything "abnormal" than your
probably reacting to one of the ingredients ..
and maybe you shouldn't use it :).

If that happens just wash the ingredient off
with warm soapy water. I hope you have a lot of
fun with these recipes!

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