More and more ppl are Iming me and e-mailing me asking
these questions and it takes a long time for me to
explain it all so I am just going to put all the
questions I get on here.

1.How do you put dolls on your website?

First of all there are many ways to put dolls,
or graphics on your site, it all depends on what
website you want to put them on and what way
you want to do it.

If you don't want to save the image or upload it or

anything than you do this:

  • 1. Right Click on The image you want
  • 2. Click Properties (should be at bottom)
  • 3. Highlight and copy the URL (http:// ...)
  • 4. Use this code:

    If you did it right, the image should appear on your page. Its that simple.

    2. I notice you use easy designer, can you tell
    me how to put images on my page?

  • 1. There Shoud be a button at top of page called Add Image, click it.
  • 2. A box should pop up, at the bottom right corner is "upload image" Click it.
  • 3. Another box should pop up with "Browse" and "Upload" Click Browse.
  • 4. All your files should pop up. Find the image that you saved and click open.
  • 5. Click Browse
  • 6. It may take a while to upload depending on ur comp. and the size of image.
  • 7. Your image should open up in a white box on the right.
  • 8. Click "Ok" and your image should appear on your page.
  • 9. Try not to save your images as jpg, try and always save them as gif, or bmp.
  • 10. This works pretty much the same with goecites.


    3. How do you put images and graphics on your
    page, with angelfire and expage.

    Well if you don't want to use the code at the
    top of the page than this is what you do.


  • 1. First save your image, preferably as a gif, cuz it won't be blurry.
  • 2. Than go into to angelfire.
  • 3. On the page where you click your files to edit them there will be a browse button. Click it
  • 4. Find the file that you saved.
  • 5. Click upload
  • 6. The file will appear in the little scroll box above the browse button.
  • 7. Click on the file than click "View File"
  • 8. Reload the page
  • 9. Now follow the directions at the top of this page.

    Wow a whole lot of people are asking me where I got this code. Well I have no clue where I got the code but here it is if you want it, it is really long, but the only thing you need to change is "YOUR MESSAGE HERE"