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Warning!  Do not cut in line at a Taco Bell in front of this man

10-13-2001:I'm not through with this thug yet. Expect more updates. I just received more video from 'Helmut' a fan from Germany. He has emailed a link with more thug moments. I hope to get crybaby corner going. I'm working on a new animated gif. Check daily.

9-13-2001: The tragic events in Washington D.C. and New York has saddened me.   If only we had a warning.  Well.  One of the reason's I started this page is to warn houseguests to STAY AWAY FROM THIS THUG HARDY!  And now, as promised, I am posting a direct link to's what I consider one of his biggest thug moments--The FIRST threat to Shannon in the HoH room.  CBS aired a different threat that took place on a Monday meeting.  I'm not talking about that.

First clip is when Hardy found out about the childish prank on his toothbrush by Shannon.  Krista talked to him and he made physical threats on Shannon.  Then Kent went in the HoH room and Hardy was calmer.  The following audio clip is when Kent left and Nicole entered.  Hear what Hardy planned one of his thug friends to do to Shannon outside of the house!!  This was borderline criminal!!

Click HERE!!!  1 minute 26 second audio.


Afterwards, Hardy left the HoH room and went outside to jump rope for a few minutes.  Shannon, Will, Mike and Bunky were lifting weights and exercising.  Hardy came in to the house to talk to his favorite camera... where we get glimpses of THE REAL HARDY(tm).  This time Hardy called off his 'dawg' Trevor or Tregger.  Click on the picture to see this 20 seconds of video.

Click picture for video.

Special thanks to for this news.  Coming soon.  A threat to Bunky and many, many threats on Will.  Also planned Hardy's thug memories.(tm).   Also a new section is planned called crybaby corner(tm).  


9-6-2001:  HARDY EVICTED!  Houseguests survived their stay with this short tempered, moody, bully, hypocritical, crybaby thug. I am disappointed in CBS for not showing more of his thug like antics in the house.  I will be posting transcript, and hopefully links to video and audio of this Hardy.  Check daily.























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