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Wish List

Kits I would like to see the manufacturers produce in injected plastic...

In 1/72 scale:

  1. Kaman K-Max
  2. Sikorsky Skycrane (need something better than the ancient Revell and Aurora kits)
  3. Mil Mi-10
  4. Piasecki Pathfinder
  5. Lockheed AH-56A (again, there should be a replacement for the ancient Aurora kit)
  6. Fairchild FH-1100
  7. Cierva LTH-1
  8. Cessna H-41
  9. Cierva C-19
  10. Robinson R-22/R-24
  11. (there is the Pavla kit, but one with an injected canopy would be nice!)
  12. Bell 47J
  13. (there is a vacuform issue, but this subject deserves a good injected release)