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St.Clair County Domestic Violence Task Force


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Mission of the Council

The mission of the St. Clair Council Against Domestic Violence is to end domestic violence in St. Clair County.  The general purpose of the Council shall be to ensure safety and restoration for victims of physical and psychological acts of domestic violence, cessation of the violation, and accountability of perpetrators.  In order to accomplish these purposes the council shall: 1) Improve coordination and consistency among agencies, departments, the courts and members of the community in matters of domestic violence and abuse; 2) Promote effective prevention, intervention, and treatment techniques which will be developed bases upon available research.; 3) Reduce incidents of domestic violence through improved response; 4) Advocate for improved policies, services, and increased resources for families involved in domestic violence; 5) Increase community and professional awareness about family violence and its prevention: 6) Urge and cooperate with government bodies to pass legislation for the prevention of domestic violence.


Captain Ed Brasher-Chair

Mrs. Hope Skelton-Vice Chair

Ms. Kelli Long -Committee Coordinator

Carrie Walton-Secretary

Miki Turley-At Large Member

Wes Goodenough

Erika Allison

Angie Perry

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