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Welcome to the USS Spiritwalker!

We are based in Decatur, Alabama. We have members in Alabama, South Dakota, Maine, Florida, and of all places in Hoppers Crossing, Australia.

We are a busy group of people! We work on behalf of needy families in the Decatur area for our Christmas Project. We also work year round on behalf of the Decatur Animal Shelter. We have other major projects that occur throughout the year. We also participate in activities with the crews of the USS Dräkenfire (Odenville), USS Draco (Hanceville/Cullman), and USS Wernher von Braun (Huntsville). Our Mothership was the USS Wernher Van Braun of Huntsville Alabama. Richard Trulson currently captains her.

Rebecca Self currently captains the USS Spiritwalker with Jeanette W. Self as the Executive Officer. We are a close knit group of people. We are a family oriented ship with twenty-two members on the ship. In fact, our Cadet Department has seven of these members.

Our future looks busy and bright! Our plans for 2002-2003 are to participate in as many community service projects as possible. You can come be a part of the fun and who knows you might just find a project or two that you enjoy. So, come and join the fun today!

Thank you for reading this letter. Please contact us via email at or sign our sheet on the table and we will contact you.

BDR/FCapt. Rebecca Louise Self-CO
CMDR Jeanette W. Self-XO
Lynn Magann-SO

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