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What was left behind for me.
All the sorrow and the pain
Will forever be again
A reminder of what shall never be
Because your not here with me.

i try to hide the tears i've cried
and keep the pain i feel inside
i've played this game a time or two
a broken heart is nothing new

the next step for me i already know
but i'm just not ready to let go
of the feelings i still feel for you
so what am i supposed to do

all that's left are memories
but all they ever do is tease
and remind me of the time we shared
back when i still believed you cared

to you.. you think i took it as a game
and i only have myself to blame
for believing that a love could last
i should have known different from my past

eventually my heart may heal
and maybe find a love that's real
but until the day i finally do
my heart will always be with you



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