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Satellite TV - Free Dish Network Satellite TV System

You see it plastered everywhere, on television, on the Internet, fliers in your mail box, "free satellite TV system". This phrase is obviously a call for action by the satellite TV providers to the consumer, but are the satellite TV systems really free?

Yes, and sort of. In most cases people who have a fair credit rating will get a free satellite TV system when they sign up for service, usually involving a contract. For those with less than perfect credit, there is likely going to be a deposit.

Those with fair credit benefit from reduced service cost and time limited free offers, even gifts, while the bad credit crowd will likely have to pay regular price and get no extra freebies. Without a doubt a good deal for those who qualify for the promotional offers. But what about the less fortunate?

Anyone who wouldn't benefit from the promotions may want to consider the end benefit. In most cases, the deposit really isn't very expensive. If one can save a few bucks as opposed to cable over the course of a year, it is certainly worth looking into.

Satellite TV providers offer free equipment to provide access to their real money market, the programming. Unlike the cable companies who already have lines connected to almost every home in America, satellite TV companies need a way to make services readily available.

The bottom line is the satellite TV systems offered by big satellite TV companies like Dish Network or DirecTV are indeed free. Weather you get it free up front, or have to pay a deposit, satellite TV equipment is expensive if you had to buy it up front.