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Meet Ranmaru Oi

Ranmaru has two different coloured eyes: one in a perfect blue-green shade that greatly resembles the ocean whilst the other seems to be a bit grey/yellowy. Yet his eyes are hidden most of the time, as sometimes when his Mew form gets a little exited, his eyes thus start transforming and this he hides with a pair of black shades. His eyebrows and everything else that would decide someone's emotion: are set in such a way that you would ask yourself if you should not hug him to comfort the rather tall Chinese boy. He is dressed in a black school uniform of the school he is enlisted to: Black shoes that are carefully tied, a pair of black pants that show not a single spot of dirt, and a black upper school uniform that is only differently coloured on the inside of the colour with a red contrast.

His medium length and wild looking hair has a jade-black colour with pure white frosting on the ends of it. His hands are covered partially by gloves that only go to the first joint off each finger, and on both the end as the base of the gloves a little bit of black fur peers out: covering strange scars on his hands: but maybe the most clear thing about Ranmaru is a huge scar that looks like four claws that gone over his head from the edge of his left sleep to his right chin. His body is build really tall and thin, his skin is lightly brownish to yellow.

He might appear to you as a silent thinker that seemingly has a great urge to hide in the dark. And if you would look deeper in his eyes, or even better: at his body language and way of speaking... you know that something drastically happened somewhere in his life... and that he is bearing along great secrets. At this moment he is wearing a large wavy red scarf in addition to his clothes since he has a certain lowered resistance against cold. Under the sleeves of his uniform he has a large scar of the wolf-bite he got at the age of eighteen, and it shows clearly when he pulls them up.

Themesong: play

Ranmaru also has an angel: Kamui

Kamui has a pair of crimson cateyes that have a really feral look about them. A look which is the total opposite of that of it's Deus. Kamui his body is build slender and at normal length with strong leg-muscles and flexible layout to both attain high speeds and have a high amount of dodging-powers. It's hands are claws with pure and extremely sharp diamonds, black fur covers it's arms as well as about every other uncovered part of it's body. His face is only partially covered in this catfur by a triangle-form on his cheeks. It's hair being this black and spikey allows for a more viscious look.

His chest is covered with a metallic fibre also colour black, including a small insignia abve it's rght breast looking like the two wings of the Deus's helm in a reddish-gold contrast. It's feet are also claws like it's hands, hoever offcourse keeping their feet-like appearance. The talons however opposing the looks from the hands are not made out of the expensive diamonds, but are made from some kind of white metallic spikes.

On it's back a pair of impressive wings are attached, being maybe the only thing not going with the feral catboy-look, being most sturdy and flexible with some great advanced technology to not obstruct the deterety and agility Kamui possesses. As you look closer at the wings you can see that there are two inscriptions... one on each wing coloured in purple, however emitting a reddish hue: "For the hope we got left." and on the other one: "May our bond be our strength."

Themesong: play