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Ranmaru Oi


Ranmaru in the back, These pictures were made by Ruri-player.

+ Description: Ranmaru Oi

A pair of sad eyes seem to observe you: one coloured in a perfect blue-green shade that greatly resembles the ocean on a sunny and calm day, whilst the other seems to be a bit grey/yellowy oddish colour that represented some kind of feralness. His eyebrows and everything else that would decide someone's emotion: are set in such a way that you would ask yourself if you should not hug him to comfort the rather tall Chinese boy. Ranmaru is dressed in a black school uniform of the school he is enlisted to: Black shoes that are carefully tied, a pair of black pants that show not a single spot of dirt, and a black upper school uniform that is only differently coloured on the inside of the colour with a red contrast.


His medium length and wild looking hair has a jade-black colour with pure white frosting on the ends of it. His hands are covered partially by gloves that only go to the first joint off each finger, and on both the end as the base of the gloves a little bit of black fur peers out: covering strange scars on his hands: but maybe the most clear thing about Ranmaru is a huge scar that looks like four claws that gone over his head from the edge of his left sleep to his right chin. His body is build really tall and thin, his skin is lightly brownish to yellow.


He appears to you as a silent thinker that seemingly has a great urge to hide in the dark. And if you would look deeper in his eyes, or even better: at his body language and way of speaking... you know that something drastically happened somewhere in his life... and that he is bearing along great secrets. At this moment he is wearing a black leather collar in addition to his clothes around his slender neck, a little emblem on it at the front that shows a tiny insignia of a white Bengal tiger. Hidden under the sleeves of his uniform he has a large scar of the wolf-bite he got at the age of eighteen, and it shows clearly when he pulls them up, scars that look most life threatening just like the large one on his chest and previous mentioned one on his face.



+ Transformation Sequence

Slowly, Ranmaru's hands/paws reached up towards his face, crossing themselves and a quick black light shone for a moment, making it impossible for the light around him to reflect his presence as if there was nothing there. "Nya." He let out a cute mew before his clothes started waving erratically like they did during his transformation into Ranmaru. His eyes closed and his mind concentrated on the mental image of his human form. "Ranmaru." His voice was pure yet soft, suddenly the black around him disappeared, and standing neatly on his feet was Ranmaru with his full attire and wearing shades to cover his eyes. The tail, ears and cat eyes had disappeared along with the light. His previous form was gone now... now it was just him: the heavily scarred boy called Ranmaru.



Short Biography and Personality

People just think Ranmaru is either strange, mysterious, or simply a freak. Ranmaru has lead his life since the death of his research camp as being a loner and is unaware how to act around people, thus making him react strangely towards some people. In general this boy is truly silent, evading conversation and any other sort of clear communication. His looks on the other side usually get more attention. He looks cute and seems to attract boys as well as girls because of his heightened amount of pheromones automatically being spread. Now it is not that he does not like gay people, but he is afraid that because of that attention, people might think he is one too. He wants a relationship with a girl... (doesn't he?) He assumes he is straight, however the fact that he does not know how to behave around girls might make people think differently.



Through relatives, it was possible for Ranmaru's father to start field research through an Japanese institute on the endangered species that lived in those parts: having no special interest and getting good results, they slowly started getting money from the Indian government for the results. His mother took care of the household, and the boy himself slowly withered away without any social contact except for the non aggressive animals that lived around the house.


Ranmaru's story started as his parents fled from the country that had started to deteriorate fast politic-wise: and their new home became central India. The boy was too young to pick up the language, and since his parents registered as being Japanese... he learned how to speak that certain language off of a private teacher.


Non aggressive animals such as parrots and the like are nice, and sometimes they help out... they can seem fun, and you do not need to fear them. Yet! The big day that Ranmaru combined DNA with that of his companion animals... there were no animals around that could help him: there were only aggressive ones. It was a normal day in house 'Oi' as the eighteen year old Ranmaru had started to call it, his father was helping a young wounded white Bengal tiger while his mother was gone with the all-terrain vehicle to get food.



Background File: 01

It all started with a small fire: Ranmaru left a small piece of glass lying on the ground which focussed the small rays of light that broke through the roof of leafs. That one tiny fire slowly got bigger without being noticed: eating slowly on the nearby wood of the house, fuelled by the energy that the leaves provided. That small bonfire soon grew even larger... and larger... yet unnoticed as Ranmaru was now treating the tiger whilst his father had moved into the house to make some food ready.

That small fire attracted a few unwanted guests, guests that Ranmaru sure was going to hate for the rest of his life. A pack of about twelve wolves had approached the camp and were prowling on the white Bengal tiger that the boy taking care of.


 “Grrr~” The poor Ranmaru noticed the growls too late, he was unable to respond in time as he turned around to stare right into the eyes of the leader of a pack of wolves. The yellow eyes of the creature meeting the perfect blue ones of the eighteen year old kid. He was truly paralyzed at the sight of the Indian wolf, and was only able to swallow his excess saliva present in his mouth: he could not possible start making sounds, however he did slowly move his arms around the neck of the white Bengal tiger that was laying helplessly next to him.%r%rWhilst Ranmaru was in that position, the fire started spreading a further and started surrounding the house; his father noticed the smoke creating around him and quickly ran outside whilst shouting ‘fire!’ ‘fire!’ as if it was not obvious enough that the roof was burning wildly in the red glow by now. It was only then that his father noticed the situation Ranmaru had found himself in, and he quickly shut up as a small group of the wolves looked his way and started approaching their ‘new threat’. Without a gun to protect him, his father was forced to run back inside. “Dad!” Ranmaru shouted loudly as he noticed his dad running back into the house, and the wolves quickly turned their attention towards Ranmaru. Their growling became clearer, and it was nearly as if Ranmaru could understand them saying that they were going to kill him if he were not to move aside: he just saw it in their eyes.


Then, as fast as lightning, the leader of the wolves jumped forwards, it’s mouth forwards and bit at the throat of the Bengal, unlucky for Ranmaru was that he just happened to move at that moment and blocked the way of the pack’s leader. The Indian wolf sank it’s teeth into his arm, blood quickly spreading out and the boy’s face turning white as he felt the shock of pain going through his body. He tried to move his arm as fast as possible, and in some way was able to throw off the animal before the rest quickly jumped at him. He felt a sharp pain as a claw raked right over his face, closing his eyes out of sheer agony. Ahhh~!” Ranmaru screamed in pain, groaning loudly. A shot suddenly was fired as a car stopped. His mother just arrived on the scene with a gun in her hand: aiming at the wolves while screaming that he should get out of the way.


His father ran out the house with a gun in his hand as well while Ranmaru was laying on the ground without really moving to much: he was in to much pain. A loud sound filled the sky as another shot was fired at one of the wolves. The boy’s eyes slowly opened, and he could see a wolf standing on him, it’s teeth around his neck and biting lightly seemingly threatening his parents! “What~ in the?” He faintly heard his father saying as he looked at the wolf… he was going to die! He knew it! However, his death was not meant to be. Feeling the compassion of the boy defending him, and knowing the need to protect him in return, the Bengal did that what only few animals could on this world.

A brilliant white light suddenly emitted from Ranmaru as well as the white Bengal tiger, the wolf that was on top of Ranmaru quickly jumped back and both resulting in his parents quickly stepping back as well as lowering their guns. A comforting feeling slowly fed Ranmaru, his body feeling warm as he suddenly felt that he was not alone in his body no more. The image of the white young tiger suddenly flashed before his eyes as his own body started transforming little by little… leaving a new person standing straight on the ground: but severely wounded.


Purran looked confused at his hands that had started looking a bit more like claws and then back to his parents who were observing him like they had seen a ghost. Suddenly a wolf jumped forwards: seemingly not caring about what just happened at pressed it’s teeth right into Purran’s defending arm: the same one that the leader had bit when he had been defending the white Bengal tiger. His instincts taking over: the boy quickly moved his arm, throwing the wolf off of his and cleaved his claws right through the thing’s side as he jumped after it with the dexterity of a true tiger. “No! Don’t do it!” Suddenly was to be heard as Purran heard the voice of his mother shouting towards something or someone… then another sharp pain. He looked at his shoulder where now a small hole was present, with eyes of unbelief he slowly moved forwards and watched how his father was readying the gun to shoot at him again: a weapon that he surely would fear for his whole life as his own father in blood shot him with it.


The instincts once again took over… he was a wounded animal! He had to protect himself, there was no more good or bad! His eyes seemed to shimmer as he jumped forwards and slashed at his father’s chest; ripping the gun out of his hands and pushing his left-handed claw right through a part of his neck, ripping to the left to sever his blood veins: partially being a tiger he knew where the weak points of any creature was. His eyes moved: he was infuriated, the wolves had ran away for the fire had started taking grip of the house, and the only one alive there to express his anger to was his mother. Purran threw the weapon far away into the burning house and jumped at the old woman... and tore her apart piece by piece.


How he got to Tokyo is still something that confuses him… his aunt and uncle told him that some people that knew his parents well had found him at the edge of the forest: collapsed of his wounds. They assumed that Ranmaru’s father and mother had died in the forest fire, while Ranmaru knew very well what had really killed them. It had not been the wolves nor the fire: no! It was him! He had killed his own parents. And that moment that he killed his parents in full rage, that was a dream he would end up seeing every night, waking up crying every time after the end of it.%r%rThe years after that he was send to school so that he would not get behind on the knowledge that was being spread through the college, and to get him out of the house. Sadly, poor Ranmaru had been traumatized ever since he had come back, and was not really sure about the people he met. It seemed that girls had started to be attracted to him under strange circumstances, sometimes even chasing him for the tiger inside of him released a strong pheromone that normal humans might not be able to produce no more since the tides of evolution, but he most definably could… even guys were attracted to it, but only if he stood really close to them and those already were either lightly ‘horny’ or had a good nose.


The first year after coming to Tokyo however, he did not go to school yet, and got into a bad circuit of people. Bikers and hooligans were the kind of people that he hung around with, and one fateful night: as he got too exited… a two of those people were all ‘mysteriously’ killed. Off course there had been only tracks of ‘scratches’ and severed limbs here and there on the scene, yet they never found out who had done it. Just another extra scene for Ranmaru’s nightmares to make him feel more miserable. If it were ever come to the light that he had killed those people, he’d be sure to go to jail… The reason that he had attacked the guy, was in fear of getting shot again as the biker had shown his ‘new prized possession’.



Mew Form: Mew Purran


+ Transformation Sequence

Thump! Ranmaru's heart voiced loudly through his own mind... His eyes turning slowly to his chest and staring at a certain metallic item that rested at his chest right at his heart. His mouth opened as if he wanted to say something, but the words simply did not reach his vocal chords. His right hand slowly moved up to his shirt and tilted it up lightly as to grab the pendant. "My heart... aches." His gaze turned to the area before him. "My heart aches..." His voice sounded a little louder, his fingers tangled around the pendant and grasped it tightly. "My heart aches!" His voice turned up to the volume of a shout. "My heart aches!" He repeated himself again, even louder this time... and again!


His grip around the necklace increased until the blood to the tips of his fingers were nearly being cut off and finally a perfect white light started piercing through the little space there was between them. "My heart aches! And it's your fault!" His left arm moved up and pointed at whatever his mind targeted as being the thing at fault. "It is your fault that my heart aches again! And you will pay for it!" His eyelids shut closed and his mind made itself free of all thoughts for there would be a new resident in there... his instincts. "Mew Mew Purran! Metamorphoooo~ -sis!" At the top of his lounges, with as much of his heart as he could share, he shouted out that sentence: high pitched voice at a high volume.


Shining brightly, the brilliance of the light started piercing through his clothing, even the black became null at the whiteness of this. His pendant started moving as if controlled by an unseen force and disappeared completely. That was the moment that his clothes started moving as well, waving violently like as if there was an unseen wind blowing erratically around him pushing his body slightly upwards so that he would end up floating. The light that once shot only from his pendant now creating a pillar around him that reached as far as the sky above him, reaching further than the atmosphere. "My heart aches!" He shouted again, his whole body seemed like just one big clod of black as the white light stopped all other light from reflecting his very existence. And even that blackness that was Ranmaru started dissipating in that light, his body feeling calm... at rest... tranquillity.


A sudden pulse of light that created a tiny shockwave of wind around him pushed in a perfect circle around the area. The light seemed to evaporate the clothes he was wearing, he could not even see the people around him no more, and neither could he see himself. His left arm moved out of itself as it stretched forwards and turned so that his hand would be in front of his face with his hand turned with the palm towards his eyes, a black contrast of colour reaching his eyes as pieces of cloth started tying around him in the form of a black moving snake. A snake that, as soon as it touched his skin, turned into the cloth that would define his new identity. His right arm which still rested at his heart was joined by such a same snake, which moved down from where he had held his pendant and wrapped itself all over his body.


A long furry tail shot out of his tailbone in the form of a moving pillar of light, straight out of his body right when the head of the 'snake' turned around his waist, and pierced it with a white light... yet that snake moved further. The tail filled up with colour within a mere second after appearing, and when it finished doing so two cat ears suddenly sprouted from between his hair which was moving erratically still to the unseen wind, slowly lengthening a little. A quick halo of white light joined around his hair to finish up the ends of the now completely jade-black coloured strands. His eyes turned colours many times during the whole process, finally resting, as they became a feral yellow colour that defined his feline companion.


Finally the light started dissipating; now reducing itself slowly to a perfect ball around his body in which Mew Purran was locked: floating a few inches above the ground. His knees set to his chest now and his both hands placed cutely before his heart folded together. His eyes suddenly opened up, fixing back upon that target they had focused on before, his eyelids squeezing to slits. "NYAAAA! My heart aches!" His voice sounded over everything possible, the bubble of brilliance around him showing black cracks. "And it is...!" He kept screaming, forcing his body to move. "YOUR FAULT!" With another shockwave of both light and the force of wind, the bubble broke, shattering in thousands and thousands of little pieces that slowly started falling onto the ground like little petals just to disappear into nothingness as they impacted. Within the bubble, Mew Purran had pushing his body out of that light and was launched into the air.


His feet landed with a soft thud on the ground below him, and he turned his body so his left side would be facing the target, his head leaning down with his gaze towards the ground. A gaze that quickly turned to the target that his mind had chosen, his hair moving along with the force of that quick movement, shortly resting in front of his eyes before falling prey to the gravity and hanging down so that his left eye would be in clear sight. His left arm raised again, his hand slowly moving upwards. "You!" His hand was but a fist at the start, but now had evolved in a pointing finger. "Are at fault!" His voice created authority, a pure one that you would hear in the army only.


But he was not done yet; his pendant reappeared in his right hand which laid at his heart... Ranmaru softly spoke out some words, so soft that it was inaudible to anyone, and his pendant in that hand started shining again. Spawning from that light came a black dirty fog around it and moved from his right to the left hand leaving some kind of object: A beautiful yet odd weapon that had such a shallow dimension on it's blades that it nearly seemed as thin as a paper if you would look at it from the correct position. The whole thing reigned with a white colour, only the blades being the purest of all black. It looked like a large claw of some sorts, three sharp blades in their talon-like forms fixed to some kind of hold which he held tightly with his fingers. On top of the 'claws' was the emblem of a heart... each side had one part of the heart... a blood-red broken heart.


Mew Purran’s body leant a little back, his legs a bit bent to create the effect of him having a sleazy pose. His arms resting down towards the ground made it look as if they were behind his body because of being so arched backwards. His pose had changed fully from a few seconds ago. The weapons together with his hands somewhere at the height of his knees. His body moved slowly as if to a song that only he could hear: but this movement would soon change into yet another pose as he threw his arms upwards before his chest: crossing them perfectly into the form of an X which lit up brightly for a moment with a crimson colour that was nearly indefinable. The weapons in his hands lit up along with that colour as the emblems begun to shine. You are the pain He said softly, closing his eyes completely whilst turning away his head as if the target was not worth his gaze. And I am the worse pain that shall overshadow you. Turning his upper side of his hands towards himself he let the claws of his weapon turn forwards. Time for you to dim out! He reopened his eyes, giving a clear smug look at his enemy.



+ Description: Mew Purran

Purran main physical looks are like those of a Japanese young man; slightly coloured skin, a certain perfect slenderness and long jade-black hair that covers his ears and goes down to his waist where it ends in white frosting.


But aside from that, this person is completely different from your ordinary house-garden-and-kitchen student. The previously mentioned black hair has two cute white cat ears popping out, and if you were to observe closer you sure would not be able to miss the fact that they moved as if they had a live of their own. Two different coloured cat eyes make his face one to never forget along with the large scar running from his left temple to the right cheek. Right being blue coloured and his left being green makes the eyes an oddity that is most likely not to be seen with humans and rather with cats.

His body is clothed with a white and black tiger striped-styled leather jacket that covers the large scars on his chest. His arms are fully covered by the long sleeves of this clothing, reaching till his wrist where a pair of white-furred biker gloves reign, sharp feline nails spawning there where a normal person's nail would be. Under that: a pair of same coloured and styled pants reigns to cover his legs. Perfect black shoes cover his feet, and there were the shoes stop a round patch of fur sprouts before the pants take over the covering of his body if you were to look from down to up.

And last but not least, the presence of a quite lively long white tiger's tail exists there where a human's tailbone would end... only its tip being black.



Mew Form: The Adult White Bengal Tiger


+ Transformation Sequence

A sudden light shines from Ranmaru's body, a light that can not be defined. It can be seen, yet seems to have no colour, an odd feeling radiates from it. And in that short moment that the light is engulfing the scarred boy, his body starts changing. With a soft 'nya' his whole appearance changed, a small white tail spawning, his eyes changing along with ears sprouting. But that was not all that changed, fur covered his body, his size shifting greatly and his body letting out the sound of a small crack as he was forced into a different position... And as the light dissipated, there stood a tiny, yet overly cute white Bengal tiger young.



+ Description: White Bengal Tiger

White with black stripes, a cute head and yellow eyes... that's pretty much the description that fits the animal form of this Mew, a strong adult, and female white Bengal tiger that's many years old. Its maiden white fur is well taken care off, and the beautiful black stripes that are situated on his body seem to be just in the right places. His body is strongly build as a leader of a group would look, the scars of Ranmaru's human form having transferred onto his body and thus also creating the marks over his body.