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Mercutio Haro

Mercutio is not one of those people that wears much clothes... exept for maybe the tattered pants that are binded to his waist with a white rope... nor does he really need it as he needs to hide nothing about his body. A bit darker coloured skin along with the many small patches of fur on locations like his cheeks and arms show that he is indeed not a true humanoid.

A perky blue furred cattail jumps happily around as extension of his tailbone and seems to indicate his mood just like it does with a normal house-and-garden cat. His white feral-looking hair is rather long and comes to just a bit over his perfect blue cateyes, and the only thing rising from this hair are two large feline ears which are just like the fur blue on the outside, yet coloured a fleshy beige colour on the inside. His teeth are just like a humanoid's, the only difference being that his edge-teeth are a tad longer, and sometimes cutely stick out from his mouth by just a tiny bit, over his kissable red lips.

Now he might not be the tallest of the litter, and most definatly not the smartest as he was handraised by his 'mistress', but at least he is a bit strong. No this does not mean he has large biceps or anything, he just has that certain build that shows that he has got just that little extra. The only really strange things about this certain catboy are two feautures: A lot of red furless stripes, and a branding. On his back, you could notice large strips where fur seems to have suddenly disappeared: as if someone had bashed on his back with a whip of some sorts. And last but not least: on his chest is a branding of a Hex mark, maybe something ocult... Mercutio does not know either, if you would ask he'd say that his mistress put it there during his sleep.