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The Band

The history of the band is quite simple. We started by the bass player of our former band, (Almost Like That) by saying, "Dude, let's start a band, and come up with a good name while we are at it. Being the moron I am I said, "Yes, Nick, I shall play in this band." When we started out I (bill) was the singer and rythm guitarist, and Dane Harlan was the drummer. And Matt Spilka was the bassist.(and to this day still is)with Nick being the lead guitarist. So after two practices, still really nothing. Then Nick and I had a jam session with just us without Dane or Matt. I took over drum duties and Nick said that it kicked ass and Matt will stay, but, Dane was just not the type of drummer to play our style of music. He thrived off of non-creative crap that had no actual sense of musical talent. Then and there was now standing the new lineup of Project X. And also the one that will change rock history.

Nick(Guitar and Vocals)

I play guitar. My guitar is made by Gibson. It is black. It has a wang bar. The bar bends. It is metal. But really, I am only human. Have a nice day!

Bill(drums and vocals)

I like cold walks on the beach. I look like a jackass in that hat. Please God, save the queen. Shout out to Principal Skinard.

Matt(bass guitar and vocals and etc.)

I am Matt. Lock your doors and windows at night. You might find your "bird" dead the next morning. Can life get any worse?