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As Progressive Christians obviously we realize that attending a certain church building that proclaims itself "Orthodox" or "The True Religion" does NOT make it so. We don't view them as evil or damned...because that is the complete opposite of what "Progressive" faith is about..but because the fundamental faiths best it is annoying and trying to our patience at times.

And when we as progressives, liberal as even moderate Christians DO agree to attend our fundamental family's church services at this time of basically comes down to oppeasing our fundamental perents, and assuring them they we ARE "saved" and "right with God." WE ourselves have no worry of this..but then again WE as Progressives are not attending the type of churches that are constantly telling us to bring our family and friends to our church to verify the trueness of their relationship with God and to verify their salvation.

Like with this vast majority of Progressive Christians...I too found myself agreeing to attend my mother's very fundamental JW church..Kingdom Hall's Memorial of Christ's that my mom could feel assured that her daughter aka me, and her son aka my brother were indeed saved from Armageddon's hit list...That's either "hit" with an "H" or you could also add a "S" infront of this and either way it means the same.

If anything, I proved to my JW peers that I had NOT become a drug addict or married a HellsAngel since my departure. The speaker was boring..which 9 time of 10 they always are at JW religious services, and thus the elder's speaking style reminds me much of Ben Stein's "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"...."Bueller, Bueller...?....Fry?...Fry..."

It was challenging to see everyone acted so fake and extra holy and perhaps equally so to observed the reality of how sexist they really are. You know, only men can be elders, so naturally, only they can say prayers there and are allowed to pass the bread and wine around to the crowd. But yeah, like someone said, I prey that God will open their eyes and soften their hearts to become more progressive in their thinking..and when I say they what i really mean is whoever might not be such a hardas# fundamentalist....even if just one person..that would be a great start.

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