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Beach Of Eden
P.O. Box 142
Ojai, CA 93024


I am: 34 year-old woman. My sense of humor: A Sketch on S&L accept not as crude. Me and my cell phone: Believe it or not, I don't have one and don't really care to get one. At dinner, I do more:Eating. Traits that best describe me:Creative, Funny, Intuitive. On my fridge you'll find:you nearly can't see the refrigerator because I have added SO many funny and cute pictures of animals that i have cut of out the newspaper and magazines.

Would like to meet more new friends of like-mind.

Why don't I have a photo of myself on here? I have to know you first. I don't WTS spies sending elders to my house, and also I don't want any mid-life crises bald and fat guys hitting on me.

How Can You Contact Me? Sign my guestbook and if you are not evil I'll reply to you. Why am I worth knowing? Because am witty and not a couch patato and tolerant of others faiths.

Arts & culture interests:Movies, Reading, Writing, Walking on the beach or on nature trails for at least 30 minutes everyday.

Hobbies:Crafts, walking, movies from the silent days to 1940's.

Fitness :walking and lite hiking

Other interests: Gardening, (non-political) History, extending kindness to animals.

Makes me laugh the hardest:Three stooges, Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, George Lopez, the Fab Five, What Not To Wear.

My favorite guilty pleasure: decafe coffee, making humorous cut-n-pasts, Three Stooges.

Occupation: Well-dressed and groomed beach bum.

Education: Some college and alot of watching the history channel and the Learning Channel.

Has no kids. Does NOT Want children to have children...But open to the idea of adoption.

My big sin: pestimism that intolerant and bad people out number the tolerant and kind ones.

Political leanings: I'm not into politics..But if I were I be a progressive.


Spiritual but not religious. Christian: Progressive/Liberal, XJW But Still bibical unitarian & progressive restored earth believer

I don't mind if you are trinitarian as long as you don't mind that I am not. For abest friend or dating I would like a guy who's also embraces the restored earth hope as their own...but if not..then just don't try and change my to heaven-ONLY.

To get my attention, answer this: Are you a non-fundamentalists? Are you a non-drinker? Do you also hate bars? Are you a non-smoker?

Most spiritual experiences: Spending time in nature.

What happens after we die? My hope lies on the restoration of this earth...believe that hell means to cease to be.

Do pets go to heaven? I strongly believe that animals will be resurrected and will live eternally in the Peaceable Kingdom which i believe is this restored earth.

Influential spiritual books or authors: What Paul Really Said About Women By John Temple Bristow, When God Becomes A Drug By Leo Booth, and America's Alternative Religions by Timothy Miller.

I attend church:Rarely or never

My beliefs about the Bible:The orginal Bible masuscripts as they were orginally found were untainted...But now all modern day copies have translations errors in them so it's good to learn Greek and Hebrew meanings. So no, I don't think any of our Bibles today are without error.

Is Christianity the only true faith? Christianity is the best source of spiritual truth..if not tainted by a fundamentalist slant.. but we may learn something from other beliefs

My Christian background:I've assembled a spiritual life from a lot of different influences.

I think Jesus is: Every non-evil person's Savior whether they know his name as Jesus or not.

Favorite verse(s)/hymn:Gal 3:28. Acts 3:21. The Isaiah Scripture about The Peaceable Kingdom.

I most often pray for: Guildance, thanksgiving and ask God to help me never be egotistical.

Being Christian means:The Golden Rule & being reassured that God won't let this world be destroyed.


Presently I am in a temporary state of asexuality...I think because I never see attractive and non-replusive people. But if some guy comes along someday and is not bald, fat or old...I think this might change.


If I were to be attracted to someone and thus consider dating them then... The guy would have to between the ages of 28-36 years old. Not older than 36. What I would look for in a Soulmate: not fat or ugly. Don't have an x-spouse from hell or kids. For dating I would seek guys from their late 20's to age 36..but NOT 40's....but if for strictly plantoic friendship-ONLY then age and looks don't matter. No bald headed guys for dating. For dating I want a white guy..but for for just friends then ANY race is fine. It's important for me to befriend or date people who are not fundamentalist in their faith. Meaning that they respect my beliefs in being non-trinitarian, a progressive Christian, and that they respect my embraced belief hope in the restoration of this earth. In return, I will respect their beliefs. I believe in the full equality of women. I believe in this earth NOT being burned up by God. I believe in kindness towards animals. My Soulmates' Basics would be:

Gender, age: Man, 28-36 years old

Status: Single..Ovbiously I am not going to date someone who's already married.

I'd be a real catch because....

I am not fat or ugly and I don't have an x-spouse from hell or kids.

Education: Some college

Non-Smoker: None-Drinker. Non-Bar Hopper.

He must have: No kids.

Should be: Spiritual but not religious.

A Christian who is NOT a fundamentlaists/ Progressive.

Political leanings: He is not into politics, or if he is than he should be Liberal, Moderate

View of his job: Doesn't matter, as long as he's attractive he could pump gas for a living and I wouldn't care.

Arts & culture interests: fitness, walking, working out, Cooking/eating out, likes nature and animals.