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Here are some bits of that article found in the Gay magazine Echo:

"One XJW woman explains,"It was difficult to hear about lesbians "being the laughingstock of the congregation." She said, " When she couldn't stand it any longer, "I just walked away." She has been free of the JWs for the shortest period of time of all the panel members. She can't get through her story without crying. Melissa misses her family greatly, but worries if she contacts them, she will be disfellowshipped. "And my brother won't even talk to me," she added tearfully.

One man, in San Diego, said that he realized he was gay but didn't want to tell his wife. But it wasn't long before she and his congregation suspected. His wife and elders followed him. "Like the CIA looking over my shoulder." Austen wanted a separation from his wife and to leave the religion, but he didn't want to be disfellowshipped because of his relatives. Instead, he avoided meetings and his pioneer duties, in order to be declared "inactive." But the elders "were not going to let that happen," he said. They "stalked" him until "they broke me down.

I was almost suicidal. I lost 35 pounds." The sect's persistence paid off. JW elders caught Austen in the act, so to speak, and he was disfellowshipped. Sure enough, when this happened, he was cut off from his family. The thing Austen remembers most about growing up a JW is not having a normal childhood. He said children of JWs do not celebrate birthdays, Christmas or other holidays. Because of this, JW children often are teased and taunted in school.

Another e-mail response came from another man who acknowledged that he was worried that he would be discovered as gay, but asked, "Isn't that what someone does when they are doing something their belief denies?" At the same time, because his father accepted his sexual orientation with love, He said he never felt that he was "marked as a sinner." He left the religion "for my own reasons" several years ago, but wrote, "I still believe many of the things that the Witnesses teach. I have just chosen another path."

My Nephew's Story

My nephew was a great kid who all through up till high school never smoked or drank. His perents were JW untill he was about 11. But in his 20's he fall into drinking and strong drug use. He explained,

"When a person first accepts the fact that they are gay...many times they crave to meet others like them, and unforuantly, alot of resources out there that are not healthy that prey on this by ads aimed at them that promote substance abuse. As a result many fall victim to drinking and drug addiction." Today he is sober and healthy. He is dedicated member of gay & lesbian A/A. He explains that this A/A group is his spiritual inspiration.

I am have great respect and admiration of him. He and all his friends in A/A live very healthy and responsible lives. Beyond A/A the group also does work to educate the public on health and AIDs prevention.

Outstanding Help For Gay and Lesbian XJWs Who Struggle With Substance Abuse Issues

Alcoholic Recovery in the Gay & Lesbian Community

One A/A resource for the Gay & Lesbian community wrrote: "While alcoholism crosses all sexual orientations, gay and lesbian alcoholics in recovery often face unique challenges. Professional assistance may be sometimes tainted by the prejudices of those providing it, or at a minimum be limited by the caregivers' lack of knowledge of those aspects of gay society that distinguish it from the larger straight community. These limitations may become more pronounced when one seeks assistance from mainstream sobriety self-help groups, where prejudices and lack of knowledge can be more glaring in lay men and women who, though sober, lack professional helping skills.

For those living outside of metropolitan areas where there is a large gay and lesbian population, the feelings of isolation and lack of social acceptance that many gay people experience can be intensified. These feelings can be worsened by the further isolation of dealing with addiction to alcohol, and getting sober itself can be hampered by imposing a social barrier to the interpersonal support that is widely regarded as so important to recovery. For these reasons having the means to make and maintain contact with sober gay men and sober lesbians can be vital to those seeking recovery.

About Group Meetings for Alcoholics

Alcoholics seeking to get and stay sober know that support is an integral part of their recovery from the effects of alcohol addiction, and this is no less true for gay men and lesbians. Support groups for alcholics often follow a program of recovery and sobriety centered on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. These AA groups typically meet in local communities where close and ongoing personal interaction is possible. The listing below provides a good starting point for finding meetings in different locations."

Gay & Lesbian Friendly Recovery Group Meetings in Southern CA


The Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition Group offers many gay A.A. meetings each week. Map and driving directions are included.

Just Because A Man May Be Attracted To Other Men Does Not Always Mean He Practices Anal Sex

There are man guys who really loves masculinity & appreciates those traits in other men, but feel that society and the media sterotypes men who "love" men as effeminate only, and always into anal sex. Many of these gay men, as well as many non-fundamentalist straights believe that the AIDS and Hep B is being spread through anal sex and blood transfusions more than any other ways. We feel that the public should be aware of these health facts on AIDS and and Hep A,B, and C prevention, whatever their sexual orientation.

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AIDS, Hep B & Prevention
An Outstanding Resource For Gay & Lesbians Dealing With Substance Abuse Issue
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