Facts On The Southern Baptist, WALTER MARTIN

Who Are Walter Martin's Prime Targets For Being Tagged A "Cults"????


Any Latter-day Saint dealing with "anti-Mormon" literature is bound sooner or later to run into the name of Dr. Walter Martin, a man who, perhaps more than any other, is cited as the final word on the subject of orthodox Christianity and the cults occording to the Southern Baptists and far right fundamental Protestants.

Facts concerning Walter Ralston Martin:

1. He is a a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.

2. He is also sympathetic with the Charismatic movement.

3. "You will will die in your sins if you do not believe that Jesus Christ is God."

If a faith group who calls it's said Christian or bibical but refuses to agree with Fundamental Protestants on the following..then they are tagged "CULTS"...aka they get out on the Southern Baptists %$#@ list:

1. Their church is the only true church ( Gee, does not the Fundamental Protestants make the same claim? They must also be a "cult.")

2. They deny the Trinity

3. They deny the personhood of the Holy Spirit; they consider the Holy Spirit to be an impersonal force (Hummm.I guess Star Wars is a "cult."

4. Hell does not exist as a place of eternal torment ( Guess all mainstream Protestants like Presbyterians and Methodists must be "cult," then)

5. They maintain an isolation from other Christian groups ( You mean how SB and fundamental Protestants seperate themselves from Mormons, JWs, Catholics, and Progressive Protestants because they consider them as "cults."????

Faith Christian themed Faith Groups which are tagged as cults by Walter Martin/ Southern Baptists:

1. Religious Science

2. Jehovah's Witnesses

3. Mormons

4. Seventh Day Adventists

5. Unity Church

6. The Worldwide Church of God (before its recent changes)

7. Bibical Non-trinitarians

8. Catholics

Cult" has lately become a word used to direct hatred and intolerance towards non-Fundamental Protestant Religions

Unfortunately, in the minds of many Christians, the various unrelated meanings of the word "cult" get blurred. These faith groups are assumed by many to be evil mind control or destructive cults. Once a neutral term, "Cult" has lately become a snarl word. It's often used to direct hatred and intolerance towards other religious organizations. The word is used with great effectiveness by the CCM; they direct the public's fear of destructive cults (like the People's Temple at Jonestown and the Branch Davidians at Waco) against faith groups that the CCM feels are not doctrinally pure.


Of course, religious movements may not be involved in mind control or life-threatening doomsday beliefs and still be somewhat dangerous to their membership. For example, Jehovah's Witnesses actively discourage blood transfusions among their membership; the Roman Catholic Church actively discourages some methods of birth control or abortions.

Non-Christian themed Faith Groups which are tagged "Cults," by Southern Baptists:

1. ALL Eastern Faiths & basically everyone who is NOT Protestant.


Most organizations in the CCM appear to work from within a Fundamental Protestant's belief system. Their prime goal is to expose and fight what they believe is heresy. Misinformation by organizations within the CCM has generated a climate of fear and intolerance towards many Christian groups whose only "crime" is to hold different interpretations of fundamental beliefs.

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