Calling The Kettle Black - Part 1

Common Sense Questions:

The following is based on the quotes found in the Fundamental Protestant publication, " Dangers of the Jehovah's Witness Organization," wriiten by, "Institute for Religious Research."

2000 Institute for Religious Research which is a fundamental Protestant resource claims that JW's are a dangrous sect because...

1. They are non-trinitarian. They that Jesus Christ is God.

So all Unitarians are eternally doomed.

2. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the body Jesus was raised back into life in was Spirit and not a physical human body.

So what?

3. That Jehovah's Witnesses deny the Holy Spirit is God. Instead they teach that the Holy Spirit is God's Active power. what?

*4. Jehovah's Witnesses deny that salvation is God's free gift. Instead they teach that salvation must be earned or merited. To obtain salvation and escape judgement, a person must join and do the works prescribed by the Jehovah's Witness organization

"However, the Bible clearly teaches that salvation cannot be earned or merited — it is God’s free gift: Ephesians 2:8-9 — "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God — not by works, so that no one can boast." See also: Romans 4:1-4; Galatians 2:16; Titus 3:5.

This is 'THEE ONLY' point I WILL give them, that I think in unbiastistly correct.

5. Jehovah's Witnesses deny the endless punishment of the wicked. Instead they teach that unrighteous people will be annihilated and cease to exist.

Oh my GOD! How inhumane! It is so much more loving to teach that the bad are tormented forever by God than to believe he simply causes them to cease to be!

6. Jehovah's Witnesses teach that like animals, a person's life ceases to exist at death.

First, if the Bible says that both humans AND aninals are souls...or in this case..have souls..then how is it the fundamental Protestants presume that animals do cease to be forever???

7. Jehovah's Witnesses teach that some have the God given desire to go to heaven, while others have the God-given desire to live on earth forever. Fundamental Protestants hate this and want to earse the restoration hope belief for everyone and tell them they must choose heaven-ONLY or hell.

Then the they ask:

1." Is it not dangerous to follow an organization that denies the central teachings of the Bible?"

This is subjective. "Central teachings of the Bible", according to WHO? This comes down to one's interpretations.

2. "Is it not dangerous to follow an organization that tampers with Holy Scripture?"

Then all churches must be screwed cause they all have tempered with the Scriptures ever since Paul was in Greece.

3. "Is it not dangerous to follow an organization with a history of failed prophecies?"

Yeah. Was it not Nelson Derby and William Miller's "failed prophecy" known as "The Great Dissapointment of 1844 thousands of hopefuls waiting on roof tops for the rapture to come and get them..and nothing happened.

The Jehovah's Witness Organization Uses Its Authority Abusively.

And fundamental Protestants don't??? What of the Southern Baptists boycotting of Disneyland? Attacking Jews during their High Holy Days? Stating that women are NOT equal?

8." In spite of its many failed prophecies, the Jehovah's Witness organization teaches that it is the only true religion, and that only its members are true Christians."

Yeah, and as if..this claim is unknown to fundamental Protestants. Rember they even view their mainstream moderate Protestant cousins as not truely Christian.

9. "The leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses have also used their predictions of the end of the world to put fear into the hearts of their followers."

Oh, I know! And your eternal hellfire threats are SO much MORE HUMANE and tolerant!

"Is it not dangerous to follow an organization that uses its authority abusively?"

Ah yeah..that IS WHY 'I' am NOT in any fundamental church group.

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