Bible Students Admit New Earth Bigotry!

Logical Points To Challenge the Bible Students Claim That 'ONLY' Spiritually unEducated Heathens Will Live Upon The Restored Earth:

From Jehovah's Witnesses Debate Board

10/10/04 8:34 PM


"Perhaps if you could show us (I am a Bible Student) a scripture or scriptures, that tells us that Christians will live forever on a restored earth, we would accept such. However, there are NONE. The hope of the Church is heavenly, until that door is closed."


Marken, those are great scripture, but do they apply top the Church? Those anointed with his holy spirit?


10/10/04 8:39 PM 9 out of 15

"Sher, I never said no one was going to live on the earth, I simply said that the "Christians" hope is not earthly. Mind you I am not talking about people who believe in Jesus, that in itself does not make one Christian. What makes one a true Christian is he (or she) who does the will of the Father. What is that will? To follow Christ, what was the pyurpose of following Christ? to call out a people for his name. What for? To help him reconcile mankind to God IN THE KINGDOM. those who accept Jesus in the kingdom AFTER having their eyes open, will inherit the earth. HOWEVER ... the Church class, the true Christians in THIS age, inherit the heavens."

"There is NOT ONE SCRIPTURE that states that CHRISTIANS will inherit the earth. the hope of the Christian in the new testament was heavenly."


My Comments

So RR, you admit here for ALL to see/read that the Bible Students DO preach that ONLY meek..yet spiritually Unedicated fools and heathens will live on the new earth? So then, are you saying that John the Baptist who the Bible pointed out VERY clearly was called the finest man who ever lived by Jesus yet was NOT going to heaven..would YOU say that HE, John the Baptist and most beloved by Christ was a spiritually uneducated FOOl and heathen? And what of King David of whom the Bible CLEARLY says that of him ( david) "There was never a more WISE man," and who was said to be a man blessed by Jehovah....and who the Bible CLEARLY says would NOT ascend into heaven..but WOULD live , "HERE ON the EARTH!" would YOU say that HE, King David was a spiritually Uneducated FOOL/HEATHEN?

All I can say is VERY GOOD. Thanks for exposing the true anti-new earth agenda of the Bible Students because they have always been very dishonest in the past about hidding this TRUTH of their anti-new earth theological towards all JW's or XJWs who would leand them a hearing ear.

Yes, the Bible Students have gone great leaps and bounds to HIDE this true belief amoungst them that all those who will live on the restored earth are just a bunch of uneducated heathen fools. they hide this in the same ways that the JW's hide the fact they they look to their "organization" as the meditor and channel to Jehovah...BEFORE the Christ. Anyways, THANKS for exposing this FACT and WILL surely post it all on my webpage to let EVERYONE know about it.

Is it not intersting that BOTH JW's AND Bible Students have formed all these beliefs that Russell himself NEVER proclaimed?? And yet BOTh groups passionatley claim that Russell is 'their' founders. We all know that JW's preach that their organization is the channel to Jehovah..and yet that Russell never taught about an "Organization" period. Yet, likewise is it not also equally ironic that Bible Students have devoloped this center piece belief that ONLy meek..yet spiritually uneducated fool heathens will live on the paradise earth? And yet I have read ALL of Russell orginal works and books and found that he, Russell never said such a thing.

Thus, yes indeed that if Bible Students' message is basically the same as Evangelical the sense that their messge is, "Heaven Is 'THEE' ONLY hope for TRUE christians-" Then hell, why would I choose Bible Students when I simply can choose a Evangelical protestant Church like Willow Creek or Calvary Chapel where they do NOT make women where Catholic-type headcoverings and they actually play good music that is actually pleasent to listen to instead of 1700's death march hymns? What possibly could Bible Students offer, then, that is better than the Evangelical Protestnat churches that already exist???

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