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Hunter Education Web Course Report and Affidavit

Please type or print legibly:
State of AL.   County of ________________________

    I, Jonathan Ray, born in 1982-11-19 , presently residing at _______________________________ ______________________________ (street address), ____________________ (city), _____________(state), ____________(zip), (______)____________________ (telephone) do hereby acknowledge that I have viewed the hunter education web course in its entirety instead of attending a traditional classroom presentation of the material. I understand that all sections and their subsections of instruction are a required, alternative element before being eligible to attend any additional training and testing that may be required for Hunter Education Certification.
    I hereby certify that the information attested to herein is full, complete, and accurate. Additionally, if I have provided any false information my license is subject to revocation and/or suspension temporarily or permanently, requiring me to successfully complete the course.

___________________________     ____________________________
             Signature of student                  Signature of parent or guardian
Sworn to and subscribed before me on this _________day of _________, 20_______.

____________________________     _____________________________
             Notary public                             My Commission Expires

Game Care060100%
Survival & First Aid08188%
Muzzleloading and Bow Hunting07370%
Tree Stands020100%
Additional Concerns010100%
Wildlife ID Quiz04640%
Test (taken on 2003-10-26)047394%
(If you have stars in unanswered column, each star is a link to one of your unanswered quiz questions.)
Depending on your state of residence, you may be required to complete many of the following tasks at the field day or additional training period required for certification:
  • Demonstrate how to safely load, unload, and fire all five-action types, muzzleloaders, bows and arrows
  • Demonstrate how to safely clean a firearm
  • Climb a treestand
  • Demonstrate safe handling techniques
  • Complete a standard hunter education written test
  • Demonstrate the 5 carry positions and 4 shooting positions
  • Complete a shoot-don't shoot walk through trail
  • Attend classes on firearms safety, nomenclature, and ethics