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Welcome to the Other Critters Page.



Maggie's parents are wild cats and when she was only a couple days old Buffy and Cari found her and she had been attacked by something. So in the house she came got cleaned up and fostered over to JC and her kittens who were 2 weeks older. Sky also took over taking care of Maggie and Badger once in awhile. Then she has all her adoptive people Mom's, Buffy, Cari and me. Then when Amber had her kittens she started to get some good fresh milk and started growing even faster.  She could be very demanding as a baby. When she needed to eat she would sit in the middle of the floor and cry till one of her Mom's would either feed her or one of the ppl Mom's would find a Mama cat to feed her. She was a bit behind developmentally but she seems to be making up for it now. She is getting to be a big kitty now, climbing and playing all the time. Everyone that meets Maggie falls in love with her.


Munchkin was a drop off kitty. We figure she was 3 or 4 weeks old, very tiny and very hungry. She is a Persian cross. She is doing well and fitting right in with everyone else. She is timid of people but was not scared of the other cats or the dogs. It always makes me wonder what their story is, who could abandon such a tiny defenseless kitty who is so obviously still in need of her Mom and why is she scared of people, how anyone could hurt such a tiny defenseless animal is beyond me.


Sky has been with me for a few years now. She just came to my house and never left. I have figured out that she is a Siamese cross. When she was bred by Magnum she had a baby that had the "Siamese" look, points. For this to be possible both parents need to carry the pointed gene, so therefore she has to be part Siamese. She is a sweetheart and a good Mama. She is now fixed.


Elmo is my cousin and roommate's baby. She is a beautiful Calico who is around 10 years old. Elmo has her quirks though. She does not really like any other animals. She tolerates everyone though, LOL. Elmo is fixed.


Badger is a calico funny girl she is also Neil's cat. Badger is fixed.

No picture yet.


Emily & Maggie

Emily is so black that it is just amazing. She is also a screamer, when ever anyone is playing with her you would swear that she is being killed, even little Maggie can get her screaming. If everything is going Emily's way then she plays quietly. She's such a goof.