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Sing A Song Of Love For Me
Blue Moon
Without Strings
Smoke Rings In The Dark
Your Love
Almost A Whisper
My Way
Sweet Dreams

More Music:

There's Only You
Greatest Gift Of All
Soul To Soul
Lady In Red
In The Arms Of Love
Taking You Home
Everytime I Close My Eyes
This I Promise You
The Best Thing
Safe Place
Lets Make A Long Story Longer
My Baby You
I'll Be There
How Could An Angle Break My Heart
Lets Stay Together
I Finally Found Someone
One More Day
Can I Touch You There
I Want You
Come Back Home
One Boy One Girl
Waiting For You
Imaginary Lovers
One Night At A Time
Je t'aime
**Forever Dreamin**
When You Believe
For The Good Times
Let It Snow
Help Me
My Heart
I Cross My Heart
Can't Live Without You
Unchained Melody
Through My Heart
I Want You So Bad
You Sing To Me
I Can Fly
Winter Wonder Land
USA Christmas
New Years Eve
Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This
Where You Are
Beauty Of A Woman
Gonna Take Forever Tonight
Deliver Me
Chances Are
Carribean Blue


Feel The Magic
Quiet Sunset
Purest Of Pain
You And You Alone
Where Angels Fear To Thread
This Is The Time
By Your Side
The Longer We Make Love
Come Hell Or High Water

More Music:

Love Ya
I'll Never Break Your Heart
More Sorry Then You'll Ever Know
When You Say Nothing AT All
I Promise You
Possesion Fumbling Toward Fear
If I Had You
Future Song
There You Are
Whole Again
This Is The Moment
My Song

It Matters To Me
Ava Maria

_________________________________ _______________________________________

Seduce Me
To Feel My Love
I'M Your Angel
Dreaming Of You
Have You Ever
I Hear You Calling
There Was A Time

More Music:

Your The Only One
A Man's Needs
Kiss You All Over
Freak Me Baby
Last Night
Never Going To Let You Go
Rope Burns
Afternoon Delight
Friends And Lovers
Back To One
Tequila Night
Velvet Ropes
Forbidden Doors
You Got A Way With Me
One Of Those Nights
She's More
I'll Be
A Chance
Give Him Something He Can Feel
Lets Lay Together
Private Dancer
Never In Your Wildest Dreams
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
Being With You
I Can Love You Like That
You Send Me
All The Way
Hold Me
Pocono Palace
Cherish The Night
Power Of Love
Love Will Seduce You
Said I Loved You
If I Had A Smile
Like A Virgin
To Close
Memory Hotel
Forbidden Love
It's All Because Of You
Couldn't Last
Between Dances
When I Need Love
That Is What I See Through Your Eyes
Nice And Slow
Buy Me A Rose
If Tomorrow Never Comes
The Dance
I Knew I Loved Your Before I Met You
If You Got Love
I'll Make Love To You
I Fall
For The First Time
I'm Never Going To Spend Another Night
You'll Never Know
Touch Me When We Are Dancin
Just Listen

A Special Kind Of Love
Just To Hear You Say
I Need You
On The Edge Of A Dream
Thank You
I Will
**Maria #2**


Peculiar Situation
Me & Mrs. Jones
No Matter
My First
One More Day
Future Song
***Forever Dreaming***
*Future song*


**Move Closer To Me**
Forever In Love
***Wicked Games
Furure Song
Future Song
Just To Hear You Say
A Special Kind Of Love

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