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Elisa E. Jones

1090 Highland Creek Drive, Salisbury, NC 28147

704-633-0864 or cell phone: 704-236-7612



        More than 9 years imaging and application system development experience.



•       Proficient in: e-capture, optimal, acorda

•       Familiar with: Microsoft Visual Basicฎ, Java,


•       Database: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access

•       Websphere server administration (HTTP servers), Webshere application server, Websphere Business Integrator, Photo shop

•       Platforms: Microsoft Windowsฎ 2003, Microsoft Windows XP


        Imaging Associate 1997-Present

        Food Lion LLC

•       Bar coded prepared distribution A/P purchase order and invoices.

•       Scanned documentation into the system software using Cannon DR 5020 scanner.

•       Performed indexing procures to modify all work scanned on the system. Run daily report accounting for pages to scan on to the system.

        Store Systems Analyst    2002-2003

        •       Responsible for pinging stores wireless device such as EBT that were down to WAN network. Using wireless devices to take inventory of sales.

•       Unix/AIX administration used to send files and regulation of store hours and pay rates.

•       Activating front-end equipment for Stores, internetworking vertical stack of seven layers and upper layers represented services like encryption and connection to cash registers.

•       Primitive routers function for addressing and flow control of activities.

•       Modified and tested order processing system-using Store current infrastructure web services concepts and usage available using XML for plain documentation. Certain software and networking infrastructure was processed over the web.

        IT Assets Management   2002-2003

        •       Planned and tracked in store marketing project.

•       Cut cost of Store equipment by tracking use of store services.

•       Retired store used equipment.


        Catawba College    2005

        Salisbury, NC

•       B.B.A., Information Systems

        Areas of Study:

March 20 - May 12,2006

Internship: IT Systems Development/Solutions Dept.


ILM by participating in ILM Release 2.0 QUA testing activities

PVCS software control tool and the J2EE project database.

installation of WebSphere MQ/DB2/Workflow/WAS on the new ILM Path 2 Development and System environments,

queues, queue managers, ports, workflow configs, etc.


The Information Systems Core (Required of All Information Systems Majors) .............33

Productivity with IS Technology, Introduction to Data & Programming Structures, Hardware & Systems

Management Information Systems, Application Program Development, Advanced Applications Program Development, Information Systems Planning, Data Base Development, Electronic Commerce, Principles of Accounting I, Applied Calculus

Area of Concentration 19-27

Selected from: Accounting Information Systems, Programming Total: 52-60

AREAS OF CONCENTRATION Hours Accounting Information Systems Concentration Principles of Accounting II, ACC Intermediate Accounting I, II, III

Managerial-Cost Accounting, Accounting Information Systems and Controls ECON, Principles of Economics, Principles of Management, Managerial Finance Total: 27

Programming Concentration

Principles of Mathematics I, II Object-Oriented Design and Programming, Networking and Telecommunications,

Information Systems Seminar Practicum in Information Systems, or Independent Study in Information Systems Total: 19