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A history of Melbourne Rail, Tram and Bus tickets

The railways of Melbourne commenced on the 12 of September 1854 with a private railway running from The City to Sandridge (now Port Melbourne)

Rail tickets in Melbourne have always been Edmonson type piece for single and Two piece for a return trip. The originating station at the top and Destination at the bottom.

For suburban travel there were two classes of travel. First class and second class. This was abolished 0n 14/9/1958.

Rail Fares were measured on distance travelled but also took into account nearby tram services.

The MMTB Or Melbourne Metroplitan tramways board was a separate entity and had a totaly separate ticket system and the same for Private buses.

This created a problem of needing to purchase a ticket every time you changed vehicles.

First Class Suburban tickets for city or Up journeys were coloured orange for First and Blue for second class.

After first class was abolished from the Railways, the colours of tickets became cerise for journeys to Melbourne and White for journeys from Melbourne. Any journeys across Melbourne had a red cross on the front of the ticket.

Pensioner tickets had the word pensioner stamped on the front and Childrens tickets had the word Child stamped on the front of the ticket

Scheme tickets with multiple destinations listed on the same ticket were issued to limit the amount of tickets printed.

From 10/8/1975 a new fare system of 13 zones was announced but because of the amount of tickets for printing the system was introduced slowly over 4 years.stations being converted over a line by line basis.

from 16/9/1979 the number of zones were cut from 13 to 8 with the tickets for the last five zone tickets being withdrawn.

Commencing 4th of October 1981 a totally new ticketing system was introduced and was called the Metroplitan Zone System.

The Metropolitan train,tram and bus Area was divided into three zones.

Zone 1 was coloured yellow and extended from the City to the end of the Tram Network or about 15 kms.

Zone two was blue and went about thirty kms from town.

Zone three was coloured brown but only covered about 4 stations from Dandenong to Pakenham and Frankston To Stony Point also the Lilydale to Healsville rail bus replacement. The new system had single tickets but also allowed a Travelcard ticket holder to travel on Trams and Buses in the region printed on the ticket for no extra charge.

All rail issued tickets were still edmonson style printed tickets.

The tickets available for issue at this time were Rail Single Rail off peak return Travelcard (rail ,tram and bus) Travelcard off peak (including free travel in the city area) Rail+2( 2 rail stations) rail+4 ( 4 rail stations) Rail Weekly Family

At this time the MMTB or Melbourne Tramways continued to issue section fares and Private buses also issued section fares

The travelcard was an experiment to test the use of multimodal tickets on all types of public transport using the one ticket.

After the Labor Government took office in 1982 the Transport Minister Mr Crabb fulfilled an election promise to introduce a totally multi modal ticketing and transport system.

This involved introducing a completley new Ticket system, this was to be refered to as "The Met". Also a greater degree of timetable co-ordination between Train,tram and bus vehicles was to be introduced.

On November 13 1983 the separate fare systems of the Rail ,tram and private buses was abolished and replaced with one set of tickets.

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