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The Board
N'siah- Stacy G.
S'ganit - Abby S.
Aym Hachaverot - Jori M. & Carly R.
Gizborit - Victoria K.
Katvanit - Rebekah W.
Mazkirah - Isabella K.
Shlicha - Leah B.
Madracha - Angela G.

March 17, 2002

I. Opening Ceremony
A. Shomeret Ha-Barit: Katie K.
B. Motion to skip opening rituals
Motion: Katie K.
Second: Stephanie G.
II. Attendance: 21 present
III. Beau Elections
A. Motion to accept nominations
Motion: Debra F.
Second: Katie K.
B. Nominations
C. Pros and Cons
IV. Announcements
A. Stacy G: Brotherhood/Sisterhood applications are needed as soon as possible
B. Katie K.: Arrive at formals around 7:45
C. Katie K: Formals shirt money due tomorrow
D. Julie S.: Formals money needed as soon as possible
E. Robin G.: Relay for Life
V. Closing Rituals
A. Motion to recess the meeting
Motion: Victoria K.
Second: Stacy G.

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