Larry Darby: Alabama First For A Change

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Larry Darby Earned Three College Degrees in Alabama

Bachelor of Science at the University of Alabama

Master of Business Administration at Auburn University at Montgomery

Juris Doctorate degree, magna cum laude, at Faulkner University's Thomas Goode Jones School of Law

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CLICK THE ABOVE LINK and see the scanned image of Darby's actual campaign push card. The stories written by journalists for controlled or mainstream media - journalists of dubious ethical standards - were often examples of yellow journalism. Such stories, especially by the writers for Associated Press and newspapers in Alabama owned by Gannett, Newhouse News, and New York Times rarely or never mentioned any planks in Darby's platform.

From Evergreen Courant, Thurs., 1 Feb 2007

Larry Darby

Conecuh Sons Members of First Families of Alabama

Racial Gerrymandering in Alabama Must End

Darby believes that Alabama's laws governing the senate districts are nonsensical. Gerrymandering, even splitting up some counties to make them part of several senate districts, just doesn't make sense. Why should a county be represented by a senator who lives several counties away? Much taxpayer money has been wasted over the years as politicians fight turf battles that often end up in federal court. These unfair laws do not reflect Alabama's growing population, and have led to an erosion of your representation in the legislative branch. Darby supports increasing your representation in government by adopting a policy of one senator for each county and one state representative for every 30,000 citizens.

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