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Jessica S. Laws
P.O. Box 263
Lemon Springs NC, 28355
(919) 776-8702 (H) (919) 770-7046 (C)

    Throughout the eighteen years of my life I have lived on a 130 acre farm in the little community of Lemon Springs, NC.  On the farm we have had many different types of farm animals from cows, pigs, goats, horses, chinchillas, chickens, and the list goes on.  Being the young adventures lady that I was, you could always find me roaming the pastures and climbing around the barns.  As a young lady I had the opportunities of a life bottle-feeding  the animals and weaning them onto solid foods.  As I grew older I began to realize that I wanted to become a person in the veterinarian field.  With this passion still holding true today, I have enrolled in the Veterinary Medical Technology program at Central Carolina Community College were I will obtain my Veterinary Technician License.  In my spare time I race All Terrain Vechicles (ATV's) on the local level.  In 2001 I won the points championship in the Women's and the Open C Class.  In 2002 I was voted Next Years Most Feared Rider and This Years Most Improved Rider.  That year I also won the points championship in the Women and 250 B Class.  While in 2003 I won the points championship in the Women's Class and had a fifth place finish in the Open Pro Class.  For the fall series in 2004 I once again won the points championship in the Women's Class.  I hope to continue racing ATV's in the coming years as well as obtaining me Veterinarian License.

Spanish 111
FIT 810
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
English 114
FIT 813

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