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Jolee's World

Born: October 8, 2002 in Anniston, Alabama

Hello, and welcome to Jolee's World! I'm Jolee! Yes, the ones with my fingers in my mouth! Aren't I adorable? Yeah, well, I'm new to your world, so I thought to have you get to know me a little better I would invite you to my world. My world is fun! I love to smile and that's because everyone around me makes me smile! There's nothing better I like more than a funny face or having my feet tickled.

Enough about what I like now, as you will soon see, you can find all those things out on your own by visiting some other pages to my first web site. Thanks to my dad, I am able to share my world with you. However, my dad is still working on finishing the site so most of the links to the left aren't working yet. Please be patient with us as we should have the site finished by the end of this week!

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