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A. L. Jackson & Company was established in June 2002 and began operation in July 2002 with two employees.  The firm now has ten (10) employees, which includes six (6) full-time sub-consultants.  Based on existing and to be awarded contracts, ALJ will have over eighteen (18) employees or full-time equivalents by the end of 2005.  The firm provides highly specialized, value-added services to our clients.  In addition to our excellent client service performance, we believe our firm's personality sets us further apart from our competition.  Our emphasis of going beyond the basic task to provide an extra dimension in quality, professionalism, and ethical  service best describes ALJ.  

A. L. Jackson & Company has forty (40) years of accounting and financial consulting experience and has serviced clients in both private and corporate arenas.  We have developed synergies over the years that provide for a seamless delivery of services to our clients. 

 In addition to the consulting services requested in  Financial Consulting, we bring a broad range of expertise in other practice areas.   Our backgrounds as Certified Public Accountants have afforded us the opportunities to work in various fields and segments in the accounting, consulting and information technology arenas.

Our Engagement Teams have demonstrated the ability to deliver high quality, value-added services in a timely fashion and within the contracted budget.  With this background and experience, we are confident that our firm is more than qualified to service your needs.


A. L. Jackson & Company, P.A.