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--> The Hives - Here We Go Again


14/08/02 by Malax

There are live reviews up at both Reading Festival & Leeds Festival

Once again I've had to delay putting up the new site this is due to server problems and me not working on it as hard as I could. I've lost pretty much all the current media section so the the new site will have a nearly brand new one. Unfortunately thats only one new live gig. If anyone wants to submit something to upload let me know. The site will be without doubt up before next Saturday. Keep your eye on it.

09/09/02 by Malax

While many consider the Hives to be the answer to their rock and roll prayers, a single question remains at the fore: when can fans expect a new album? Their current LP, Veni Vidi Vicious, is two years old although a major-label reissue in June fostered much wider exposure and longtime Hives fans are jonesing for some new material. Despite feeling their fans' pain, the Hives will serve no album before its time.

"We hope to finish it when we're done with it," was guitarist Nicholaus Arson's closeted response to the well-worn query. He's reluctant to cite a date because sometimes things don't always go according to plan. "If it doesn't sound good on October 5, for example, when you're supposed to go into the studio, there's no point in going into the studio." Since their U.S. tour and all promotional obligations drew to a close with the completion of their performance at last week's VMAs, the Hives plans to hit the studio within two weeks of returning to Sweden.

The bandmembers blame the lag between albums on their continuously growing worldwide popularity. Any time they've been ready to hit the studio with songs they've already written, success would strike in Japan, for instance, and the band would scrap new-album duties for a tour there.

Live shows have been the Hives' piece de resistance, as any concert review can attest. The confidence they have in their performance they consider themselves the best live band around is translated as dramatic posturing and showboating on stage, which may irritate some. But that just might be all according to plan.

"The point of being an annoying person on stage is that the people who get annoyed at you being that way are the exact people you want to annoy," explained singer Howlin' Pelle Almqvist. "So it's just been working out perfectly. All the right people hate us now."

The Hives can probably now count their former label Burning Heart as one of their detractors. The band parted ways with the Swedish imprint, which is distributed by Epitaph domestically, and recently signed a lucrative deal with Universal Music. The band was under the impression that they had fulfilled their contract requirements with Burning Heart, while the label insists they owe one more album. Almqvist said that he's expecting a lawsuit to be filed.

"They've done some things that we were unhappy with," was his only comment on the matter.

While waiting for the new album, Hives fans will have to satisfy themselves with Veni Vidi Vicious' second single, "Main Offender," and accompanying video. However, because "Hate To Say I Told You So," is still generating buzz at radio, an official date for the song to appear on the airwaves hasn't been set.

The success and critical acclaim the Hives have garnered these last few months comes as somewhat of a surprise. Laurelled in just about every country they've invaded, the band doesn't think that the Hives don't deserve admiration from U.S. audiences; they thought U.S. audiences didn't deserve the Hives.

"What's been popular in America for a long time hasn't really made any sense to me," Almqvist said. "So that's why I'm kind of surprised that we're popular, because I just figured if that is what's popular, then we won't be popular, and that's fine. But it seems to be working out OK."

06/09/02 by Malax

NME Quoting Nic:
"I'm not worried (that a lack of resolution will prevent the release of a new record) no. It won't be resolved quickly, but The Hives have never been in a hurry to record stuff. We're going home to do what we like to do. It's us going home to record, then we'll see what happens. As of where we are now, it's up to other people rather than us."

The Hives lost out on two Kerrang! awards for Best New International Act and Best Single (To Puddle of Mudd!).

I put the new site launch back to the 15th after I encountered some problems.

31/08/02 By Malax

The Hives were beaten to a MTV Video award by Dashboard Confessional. However they did perform Main Offender live. The VMA awards should be shown in the UK sometime this week/end, look out for it.

Access Magazine has an interview with The Hives on their site.
Heres a small review of The Hives gig at Reading from nme .

This should be the last update before I open the new site/server on September 10th. If you can, try and visit the site that day and see if you can make it a record day for hits.

I got an e-mail from someone who was offering to send me The Hives Brixton gig on mp3 but I lost his e-mail. So if you could re-email me or if anyone else has it that would be great.

19/08/02 By Malax

I forgot to mention The Hives are on the cover of this months Q Magazine talking about the US.

The Hives will play on the American MTV Video Music Award on the 29th of August at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. MTV Video Music Award is broadcasted live worldwide, and other artists on stage is Sheryl Crow, Ja Rule and The Vines.

The Hives will also together with amongst others Pete Yorn, Jimmy Eat World and Sugarcult play at a benefitshow for the organisation LIFEbeat on the 28th of August.

Im going away for a few days, the site design is pretty much complete and should be ready by September 10th. I'll update before then.